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Emiko Tsushida
Full name Tsushida Emiko
Date of Birth Nov 21, 2511 - 06:33:19
Parents Classified
Siblings Classified
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment DAS - Interpol Captain
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark Brown/Raven Black
Height and Weight 5' 7" / 105 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • Private Tutoring
  • Alliance Military Command School
  • Alliance Piloting School
  • Alliance Special Operations Training
Military Service
  • Aug, 2528 - Joined the Alliance Military Academy
  • June, 2530 - Fully Enlisted into the Military
  • Nov, 2531 - Transferred into Spec-Ops Training
  • July 2534 - Transferred to DAS - Interpol
  • Dec, 2534 - Promoted to rank of Captain
Employment History
  • Current: DAS - Interpol
    • Rank: Captain
  • I.A.V. Maelstrom
    • Ship Captain

Tsushida Emiko is a young, incredibly talented and very intelligent girl who, through the grooming of her father, an influential admiral in the Alliance, and his connections to Salin Fawzy, has been elevated to the rank of Captain in the DAS Interpol division. Shortly after her promotion, Emmi was placed in command of an Interpol APC.

Pre-PC History

   Emmi was born on Belleraphon and swiftly integrated into the life of the military aristocracy. Her father was a high ranking naval officer who would eventually ascend to become a very influential admiral and her mother was a top-notch military surgeon focused on healing those injured in the line of duty with prosthetics and the like. Her elder brothers would go on to the military, as would her sister. Most of her cousins and uncles served as well. It was like everyone was expected to become part of the Alliance military at some point in time and she was no exception.

   She was different, however. As Emmi aged, her parents realized that she learned very quickly. Rarely did she need to be taught something more than once before she understood it completely. Her father, who was getting along in age, realized at the time that she was special, quite special, indeed, and that someday he would need to retire. Who better to take over his command than his own, special daughter? Someone he - and the alliance - could trust implicitly. It was determined then, that Emmi would be groomed for service.

   Her parents threw as much funding as they could into her instruction. Emmi was given the finest tutors, the best lessons, and by the time she reached an age appropriate for attending the academy, there was little that she could be taught - it was mostly a formality and a way to achieve the necessarily paperwork and qualifications to become part of the alliance. However, the most important thing she would be doing at the academy was building connections, and that, her father instructed her, would be her focus. Everything else was second. Get in close to everyone of value and stay there. So she did.

   Emmi graduated from the academy, vying for the top, and was quite pleased with herself. She had done everything she had been told to do, taught to do, and everything that she - more or less - lived for. When Emmi received her military diploma she believed that she would immediately be stationed on her father's ship, a dream of hers, but she was surprised to learn that that was not the case. Emmi was, instead, to be transferred immediately to the Department of Alliance Security Interpol Division under the watch of Salin Fawzy, a friend of her father who needed someone he could trust and rely on.

   Yet again, she was surprised, when she was swiftly promoted and granted a ship to operate out of, as well as a crew and several Interpol officers. It was not the navy, like her father served in, but here, with Interpol, Emmi realized that she could make a real difference. It may not have been her dream, but someday, perhaps she could achieve that, too. Until then, she just need to continue moving along, making connections, and proving her worth.            

PC History

  • Dec 14, 2534 - Meets Lord Fawzy at the DAS headquarters to thank him for the promotion and check up on him. She, however, ends up taking a loan and also schedules to buy some armor from him. The pair take a shuttle to Salin's Bellerophon estate and she is fitted to have some customized, easily concealable armor made to protect her in the line of duty while undercover in 'civvies'.
  • Dec 17, 2534 - Emmi is put in charge of the I.A.V. Maelstrom, an Alliance patrol cruiser. At this point in time, she begins assembling a crew to compliment her small contingent of Alliance personnel consisting of Valentina Rimsy-Korsakov and Rebeccah Kamp.
  • Dec 20, 2534 - Emmi holds an interview with Bish in an attempt to get the Wulver's first mate to pilot the Maelstrom instead. She believes the interview went well, despite consenting a few amenities towards Bish.
  • Dec 26, 2534 - Emmi joins forces with Calira and the crew of the DarkStar in an attempt to find some missing children on Ezra. This is merely the beginning of what could prove an eventful investigation!



  • Total Recall

Emmi has the nifty, and somewhat bothersome ability of Total Recall. Her parents noticed this when she was very young, though Emmi didn't know until she was closer to six or so which was when she was able to comprehend such a concept. She doesn't forget things, but unlike a small handful of people with similar capabilities, she is not stuck remembering things all the time. It's in there, it just needs to be dug out.

  • Lightning Reflexes

Something that people don't always expect out of someone like Emmi - someone who gets no sleep and lives with stimulants like caffeine - is that she has some very impressive reflexes, both mental and physical. She can catch falling objects, swat tiny bugs out of the air, and sometimes delude herself into believing she can dodge bullets - maybe she can even fly, she doesn't know! All she know is, she tends to take a lot less time to make a decision and act on it than anyone else. Maybe it is the caffeine...

  • Ambidextrous

Being ambidextrous is something worth mentioning on occasion. It's a bit rare, but Emmi always had a trouble determining what hand or foot she wanted to do something with, and in the long run she just determined that she could do it with both and the inability to determine dominance in one or the other kind of messed with her. Now she just sort of goes with whatever compulsion comes on first and it sort of clears most things up. On occasion Emmi can get a little awkward and trip-up, but usually only with new things she doesn't do often.

  • Phobia

She has an odd fear of... well... open doors. She knows it's strange, but it's more than that. It's not every door, just certain doors, and it's got to be under the right conditions. It has to lead into an area that she is either unfamiliar with or is dark, and it's generally a more powerful feeling when she is alone. Emmi particularly dislikes such doors if she is also in the dark. In fact, at that point, she gets straight up paranoid and will do what's necessary to close it. Not sure why she get that way, but she just does. Maybe it's a weird survival instinct?

  • Allergy

Emmi has bad pollen allergies. If she goes to a place with a significant portion of pollen it can really wreck her day. She does her best to avoid that sort of thing or at least get on some serious anti-allergy pills to stop her from keeling over. She wouldn't actually die, but it's pretty drastic either way.

  • Insomnia

Total Recall does come with some side effects, that, or it's something completely unrelated - but Emmi suspects it is the former - and because of it, she has trouble sleeping. She is intelligent, to say the least. She knows that much, but Emmi knows there is a lot she does not know, and that there is much she can still learn. Her brain, though, is very active. Being unable to forget things makes her remember her mistakes, and sometimes she spends more time sifting through what was done wrong and what was done right to make sure that when she needs the information later it is not confused. Her mind is just often overactive, and it can really mess with her.


  • English
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Russian





   Emmi is of relatively average height, being just a tad over five-and-a-half feet tall, but is rather slim and slender in comparison to other females of her height. Her figure is of an hourglass shape, with wider hips, a narrow waist, and an average, yet shapely bust, but maintains a very petite semblance. She is far from large. Her body, for the most part, bears that athletic toning that one would expect from someone in the Alliance forces, but despite her physical fitness, she is not overly muscled, but is certainly trim.

   Her face is attractive enough, with soft, rounded features, and near-perfect symmetry, marred only by a single beauty-mark beneath her left eye. Her face bears two other beauty marks, oddly symmetrical in nature, on either side of her cheeks, but beyond that, her skin is quite flawless. Her eyes are an incredibly dark brown, so dark that unless examined very closely they appear black. Her hair, which is natural as black as space, is frequently died other colors. Most commonly she has the top half, above her shoulders, dyed a nice light pink that blends into the lower half which is a darker blonde coloration. This hair frames her face, and when straightened out, descends to nearly her bellybutton.

   For the most part, Emmi's body is free of markings, such as tattoos or scars, though she does have a handful of piercings, most of which are in her ears. She has three on the upper rim of each, as well as two in each lobe, and also has her navel pierced, though most never see it.

   Common Clothing

  • Black Boatneck

   Her outfit is fairly simple. She has selected a wide, black, boatnecked shirt made of a thin, stretchy material that clings to her quite nicely. The thin straps of an equally dark bra are visible against her mostly-bare shoulders and beneath the bottom hem of the shirt, which could have doubled as a dress for some more flirtatious ladies, is a pair of exceptionally short, spandex-like shorts for modesty. Upon her legs she has selected a pair of thigh-high stockings with dark, mid-calf boots.

   The two things that set her apart from the average person on the street is the blatantly displayed (or potentially hidden; inquire if uncertain) Interpol Captain's badge hanging on a petite platinum chain around her neck, low enough that it could be hidden inside a low-cut shirt if necessary and to appear to be more of a necklace than a badge. The second item is an almost omni-present DAS .41 Multishot pistol holstered to her left thigh.


  Weapons and Ammo




  • 'Constable'- Rebeccah Kamp
    • Emmi finds her excitement about her job admirable
    • Drinking buddies (sort of)
  • 'Detective' - Valentina Rimsy-Korsakov
    • Is an A.S.R.E.V. pilot for the Maelstrom
    • Emmi is suspicious of her abilities to actually fly


  • 'DAS Secretary' - Lord Salin Fawzy
    • Long-time Friend's with Emiko's Father
    • Expedited her promotion to Interpol Captain
    • The two have a rather close relationship, almost familial
    • Owes him a lot of money - upwards of 50,000 credits or more



RP Hooks

  • DAS Interpol captain - Want to have a run-in with the Alliance? Maybe you feel you'd like to liven things up on your ship a bit? Well, who better to do it than someone who really has a motive for doing so? Will also arrest you, too.
  • An Admiral's Daughter - Practically a princess, if you consider military rank to be similar to nobility. If you're an alliance member of any influence, there's a good chance that you may at least know of her or her father, and perhaps seen her at some function or another.
  • Rising Star - Rapidly elevated to the rank of Captain in Interpol? Is it because of her father? Her close ties with the Secretary, Salin Fawzy, or is she just really that skilled?
  • Top of her class - She graduated from the Alliance Command Academy at the top of her class, or at least competing for the honor.
  • Special Operations Training - She's been trained to handle just about every type of situation Alliance can fathom someone needing to know how to handle. That includes you!
  • Likes to have fun - Emmi enjoys having a good time, be it relaxing at a pool, hitting up the local dive for some good food, a bar for a round of drinks, an arena for a good fight (viewing or partaking), some betting, etc. Its easy to get her to go out and do things. She is very adventurous when not stomping on the face of evil in the 'verse.
  • Loves guns - Emmi loves guns and knows a lot about them (even if I don't!). Got a nice piece? She'd love to tell you how jealous she is and how much she admires it.