Emma Lyla O'Conner

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Full name Emma Lyla O'Conner-Cadman
Date of Birth March 17th, 2503
Birthplace Lilac
Parents Deceased
Siblings None
Spouse Weylin Cadman
Assignment Security, Guan-Yin II
Gender Female
Height and Weight 5'5" (165cm)
Status Active
Education Information

Self educated and minor education from public school.

Employment History


Born on Lilac, she had an interesting childhood. While still a babe her parents where killed and she had been bounced from home to home, family to family and no one seemed to want her around. She was taught the ways of protecting herself by one who actually cared. When her mentor was killed in an attempt to keep her safe, she vowed to protect those that couldn't protect themselves. After a life on lilac, she found her way to persephone to get a job. Her first real job was on the Pathfinder. A nice ship in her opinion but when she met Major Weylin Cadman of the alliance, she decided to part from the crew on good terms so that she wouldn't bring the alliance down on the crews head. After a large scale bombing on Ezra, her and weylin became quit an item. Soon after she joined the Guan-Yin II as well as becoming a full student of the Phoenix Brotherhood. Months later she became engaged to Major Weylin Cadman and due to an incident on his home planet, she became Mrs. Weylin Cadman but due to the fact that no one knows or even suspects where Weylin comes from they decided to have a 'real' wedding on Sihnon. So now she is publically Mrs. Weylin Cadman and is happier than she has ever been before.

Currently MIA and assumed KIA.