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Christina Blaire
Doctor Christina Blaire
Full name Christina Emily Blaire
Date of Birth 13.July.2496
Birthplace Osiris
Parents Sean and Veronica Blaire
Siblings None
Spouse None
Specialization Medical
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Pale Blue and White
Status Active
Employment History

Doctor/Surgeon, Lady of Mercy Hospital on Osiris

Personal Notes

Allergy: Shellfish
Physical: Albino
Phobias: Dark, Small spaces
Nicknames: Em, Emmie, Tina, Chrissy

Born and raised on Osiris, I was the only child to my parents. My father was a lawyer with a firm on Osiris, and he did his job well. He was a good man. He tried to protect a lot of people, from different things. He didn't talk about work much. But he earned fair money, and he gave it willingly to put me through school and for whatever lessons I wanted. But then, I was his only child. So I guess he wanted to do whatever he could for me. My mother was a jewelry designer, and she worked out of the house. It didn't matter to them what I wanted to do, so long as I would be happy. And I was, for a long time. Or at least, it felt like a long time then. When I was seven, it all changed, though. I never learned who they were, the men that took me. But they stole me from my life. It happened when I was seven years old. Strange. It was the night before my seventh birthday. I never learned why. Men came into the house and took me away. I... don't remember much of what happened. I remember being closed in a small and dark place. I tried to escape a few times, when I thought I could... but they always caught me. They always brought me back. Then they'd tie me up, to the cross posts in the courtyard, and whip me until I either bled or promised not to try again. I tried, though. How could I not? I remember a little Chinese man, there... or at least, I'm pretty sure he was Chinese. Whenever I was hurt, they'd send me to him. He'd put me back together, heal the whip lashes, tend me with herbs and the like. He taught me a little bit... he dared not do more for fear of what they'd do to him. But it's he who stirred the thought of becoming a doctor in me. Everybody needs someone to patch them back up again, after all. They returned me, three years later. Strange it was, too. They put me back to the house on the night of my tenth birthday. The day my mother killed herself. She couldn't bear the house without me in it. That it was because I was gone that she killed herself. She took a handful of sleeping pills, and she never woke up. At least she went peacefully enough, taken first to sleep and then beyond the dark veil of it. Things were different when I was brought back -- for both my family and for myself. I wasn't the same little girl, but I was still whole and myself. Life changes people, and that's what it did to me.

After I was returned, my father hired private tutors for me, so that I could catch up in my schooling. I'd missed three years, which was a fair chunk of things. But I learned as quickly as I could, and I studied hard. I always studied hard. I didn't want his money to be wasted, and I knew that with mother gone, things were difficult for him. It took me a couple of years to be brought back to the level of my peers, education wise. By then, the media had thankfully forgotten what had happened when I was younger. I integrated back into the school and went to classes again, acted like a normal girl, at least to them. I passed from high school, in the upper part of the class. From there, I went to medical school, on Osiris. I wanted to stay close to home. I studied hard, and it was worth it, though it was difficult. I didn't really have much of a social life, but I had some friends, even though I didn't trust them with the truth of things. I graduated from medical school, and I was in the upper ranks of the class. Not the best, but not that far down, either. Father was proud, which was to be expected since it was his money that had put me there.

The university placed me in a residency at a local hospital, Lady of Mercy, into their emergency room. I was there for a while before switching up to the surgical unit and learning how things went there. It was interesting work, and I rather like putting people back together again. Sometimes it doesn't work, but I still try. I've taken some classes in herbalism, and I spent some time with a Chinese herbalist on Osiris, too.

Sometimes... it doesn't matter what a person tries, but others can't be put back together again. It wasn't long ago... I lost my father. They said someone mugged him, but he wouldn't give over what they wanted. He... came into the ER when I was on duty, and he was cut up pretty badly. We couldn't patch things up, and he died... in the operating room. The administration said I needed personal time, so they made me clock out my vacation time. I figured it was a good chance to see places other than Osiris. I had a lot of time on my hands, so I wandered a little.