Emiliana Conners

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Full name Emiliana Conners
Date of Birth January 3rd 2494 - Sihnon
Parents Sarah Jessup and Toralin Conners
Siblings none
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Lounging at House Daska
Specialization Dance, Cooking
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, blonde hair.
Height and Weight 5'8", 140lbs
Status Inactive

Personality and Demeanor

Known for her elegance in both movement and demeanor, Emiliana, or "Emmie" as she and her close friends refer to her as, is actually energetic, excitable, and very curious about the world around her. Shiny things fascinate her, as do beautiful people and objects d'art. It isn't often that this side of her comes out, as the formality and decorum required of Companions sometimes overshadow the 'fun' that can be had, but Emiliana tends to find a way to let the fun peek out every now and then.


This is a young woman who could be no older than twenty-five years of age. Her refined posture and general demeanor makes her out to be prim and proper by mere appearance. She has a petite frame and is svelte but still appears quite healthy. Her bright blonde hair is perfectly straight, cascading down her back and over her shoulders like waterfall. Her eyes are a bright, crystalline hue, curious and aware. They appear to be filled with a natural empathy and are embellished by the faintest hint of future laugh lines. Her facial features are gentle, fresh, and somewhat innocent. A delicate array of freckles dot over the bridge of her nose and across her naturally slightly rose cheeks. A pair of distinctive, multi-lensed glasses are perched upon her pert nose. Her lips are full and pink, regularly parting in a friendly smile that exposes her straight, alabaster teeth. Around her neck she wears a silver chain to which many charms have been attached.

Over her body is draped a delicate, silk gown that reaches as low as her ankles. It is dyed a metallic, milky gold that embellishes the natural glow of her skin. It has been fitted to her body perfectly, flowing over her gentle curves in reverence to the human female form. The neck of the dress has been embroidered with a large yoke, with a fiery myriad of gemstones liberally splashed across it. The gown is sleeveless, and her lovely arms have been accessorized with snaking, golden bands about her upper arms and platinum bangles at her wrists. Upon her fingers are silver rings, three per digit, and each with different etchings about their circumference. About her waist is a simple, braided belt tied into a decorative knot at her left hip. From knee to hem, the dress splits on the left side, exposing that leg as she walks. Along the lower hem of the gown is a strip of darker fabric, embroidered with an undulating pattern in dark reds. She walks barefooted, the fourth toe of each foot bearing a bright gold ring, encrusted in garnets.

Character Biography

Emiliana was born on Sihnon, and was enlisted with the Guild at an early age, beginning her training on her fifth birthday. She took to the program well, and seemed a natural. Shortly after her twentieth birthday, she took a leave, disappearing for some years, and finally returning a few months ago. Her client list had dwindled, due to her lack of activity, but some few remained, fiercely loyal to the blonde that captured both their hearts and

Current Events

September 11, 2524 -- Had a great breakfast today.


Garbage - "Vow"
Regina Spektor - "Hotel Song"
Suzanne Vega - "Gypsy"
Ani Difranco - "Shameless"

Special Note

She's special, alright...