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Kimberley Walsh as Ember.音乐可洗去灵魂远离日常生活的灰尘
Full name Ember Makena Phoenix
Date of Birth 20 November 2511 (19)
Birthplace Lu'Weng, Sihnon
Parents Austin and Angeline Phoenix
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Stewardess, Tranquility - Current

Stewardess, Pathfinder - Former

Specialization Entertainer: Musician - Violinist; Pick-pocket
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Grey, Dark Blonde
Height and Weight 5'5"
Status Active
Education Information

Home-schooled & Self-taught

Military Service

No military service

Employment History

Pathfinder - Active

Personal Notes

Dead Broke, Lightning Reflexes & Phobia: Fire

Ember Phoenix


Ember makes a living by busking on the street with her violin. It was there, on the street, that she learned the fine art of pick-pocketing and willingly fell into a 'jug troupe' that taught her the ropes. Learning how to work a crowd, she would often act as the 'stall' (the distraction) as the talented violin player and entertainer, gathering the attention of a crowd of people. Being in a position like that was also a good way to help out the 'steer' (the signaler) or practice being the 'steer' herself. She learned a good deal about concealment and slight-of-hand tricks, too. Being out on the street like that taught her a lot about surviving in the urban environment.

Currently, since her parents' recent passing, she is taking her show to the stars. She landed a job as a Stewardess on board the Pathfinder just briefly enough to spend a few nights there before Captain Rickart bought a bigger ship, the Tranquility. Ember is intelligent and comfortable even outside of her element, but she's never been off-world of Sihnon before, so her naivete about the 'Verse is sure to follow her.


Captain Rickart





Employment History

2530 Jun 
Stewardess - Tranquility
2530 May 
Stewardess - Pathfinder
2526 Dec - 2530 Mar 
Musician for Private Venues - Sihnon
2517 Nov - 2530 May 
Busker/Street Performer - Sihnon


Ember is one of those people who's moral compass is just a little off. Not in a crazy or evil kind of way, of course. Just more of the "Opportunist Mentality" kind of way. She is a passionate person that is driven by her desire to "best" The [Guild] by becoming extremely wealthy and famous because of her music. Unfortunately, as soon as she has any kind of currency, she has a strong urge to make sure it is spent in its entirety and usually finds a way to make the disappearing of her money happen as soon as possible. At least she has good taste and the desire to help other people out. Those are the things she will usually spend her money on first.

Ember is friendly and outspoken, too. She loves people and loves being around people and adores the elderly, especially. She's always willing to lend an open ear and an honest heart to friends in need. She loves being the center of attention, which blends well with her talent as a musician. For her, being the center of attention makes her feel alive. The longer she plays, the more confident she feels and the more confident she feels the less self-conscious she is about her scars. When performing on her violin she feels like the 'Verse and her become one identity - she feels free.

Even though she loves being around other people, she's not always in the mood to be. She can be brooding and likes to keep to herself during those times. She has a good heart and truly cares about other people but often finds herself jumping into things first, without really thinking them through first. Overall, I think life is fairly random. People who try to impose a tight little grid on it, I think, is a waste of time. They should just relax. Things will work out or they wont. There's no need to get ultra-logical about everything; not everything has a logical explanation or solution. Why else does bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people?

Attitudes & Behavior

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Talents & Disorders

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Objective & Motivation

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Tastes & Preferences

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Early Childhood

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Young Adult

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This eager young woman has sparkling grey eyes that shine like two chunks of smooth hematite. They always seem to be smiling. She has a cute nose, heart-shaped face, full lips and a contagious smile. Her layered, long hair is the color of burnt honey and she wears it straight, usually accompanied by a scarf acting as a headband. She has a curvaceous build on her 5 ft 5 in (112 cm) frame weighing about 125 lbs (18 kg). Her skin is light-colored and old burn scarring is visible on the back of her neck and on part of chest, left shoulder and arm. Always visible are the scars on a small section of the left side of her face near her eye. Rarely will she wear her hair completely up, exposing this scar tissue, and even more rarely is she ever seen wearing anything short-sleeved. Her wardrobe would be considered dignified by Rim-world inhabitants; a downgrade by Core-world standards. She's very fond of cool and neutral colors and most of her clothes have the Chinese flair abundantly found in Sihnon fashion.

Style & Fashion

y.jpg y.jpg

Fun & Trivia

Ember Makena (muh•KEN•uh) Phoenix almost literally means, "Risen daughter of the fire-born ember".

List of Favorites:

  • Color – Viridian
  • Food – Blueberries
  • Flower – Iris
  • Drink –
  • Scent – Fresh line-dried linen
  • Sound – A violin, of course

Soundtrack inspired for Ember:


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