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Full name Ember LeAnn Renau
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green Eyes, Red hair
Status Inactive
Military Service
  • None


A wealth of flame-red hair tumbles to her mid back, the tresses streaked with gold, enhanced by her warm, tan complexion. Her eyes uptilt a bit at the outer corners and are deep green, piercing even, rimmed by dark auburn lashes and brows. She is refined of feature and bears womanly curves on a slender, toned frame, though not muscular, her dancer's body is sleek.

Bryce smirk.jpg


How she ended up on Ezra might always be a mystery, it's something she never talks about, though so is most of her time on Ezra as well. Most of it was spent as a dancer in one of the seedier clubs and when not performing, as one of the owner's many escorts, depending on who he wanted to drag around that day. After one such mishandling by the oaf, Em found herself on a gurney, bleary eyes gazing up at a man who was tending to her cuts and bruises. What he was doing there is his story to tell but the end result put the pair together on a path neither expected.

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