Elunara "Lulu" Miles

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Full name Elunara "Lulu" Miles
Date of Birth 3 May, 2500
Parents Unknown father, Mother Crystila, rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible
Siblings None
Assignment Chief of Operations on the Phoenix
Specialization None; jack of all trades.
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel/ Snowy white
Height and Weight 5'5" / 125 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

None official

Employment History

Past - None / Present Freelance Dragonfly Phoenix

The "mascot" of the Dragonfly-class cargo transport Phoenix, formerly of the Firefly-class Maru, now the First Mate, and primary operator, of the former ship.


If you can get her to talk about it (she prefers not to share with people she doesn't know), you'll find that she never knew her father, and her mother died of a case of pneumonia (and could not afford medical attention) when she was 4. Her uncle took her in, and brought her to his ranch on Boros, on the far side of the planet from most of the cities. Her uncle was a self-described "ex-uppercrust semi-magnificent bastard," and, taught Lulu a few tricks to navigate her way around that society; she knows a few dance steps (don't ask her to actually complete one unless you want to be sorely disappointed, though; she's nearly forgotten most of the ones she learned), how to speak in what those on the Core would consider a "proper" manner (which she reverts to during periods of intense emotion. Sometimes.), and generally how to get along in "high society" without making too terribly much of an ass of herself. Her uncle also knew just how dangerous guns were, and only allowed himself, and the lead ranch hand (A somewhat silly man in at first glance, but he was very streetwise, if such a term could be applied), to teach her how to use them. She showed a particular skill with rifles, regularly shooting out the bullseye on the short-range targets (after she got the hang of the whole sight alignment-trigger squeeze thing). She was also taught a number of "rules," her uncle being a former police investigator before his retirement (which he didn't like to talk about). Given that Lulu didn't follow in his footsteps, a fair few of those rules don't really apply (his first rule being "never let suspects stay together"), but several do.

Teenage, and immediately Post-Teenage, Years

When she was 14, Lulu decided to take one of the horses out for a ride. Unfortunately, she got herself lost before too long, and as she was trying to find her way home, the horse recieved a snakebite. The animal spooked, and bolted, taking poor Lulu along with it. On the upside, the horse's panicked canter sent both it, and Lulu, very far away from the snake. On the downside, the horse's panic caused the snake venom to spread faster, and the creature died, leaving Lulu a day from the ranch. She found her way home (partway, actually; one of the hands found her in his search for her), and recovered fairly quickly. Her uncle was decidedly annoyed at losing the horse, but he didn't blame her for the animal's death, though he did chide her for getting lost.

At 16, Lulu competed in her first official shooting competition. She did quite well. She didn't quite make it to the finals, but the semifinals in her first ever match is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when you consider that almost all her opponents were formally trained shooters (the match was sponsored by the Boros planetary government, and most of the competitors were Alliance Federals assigned to the Ares Shipyard Security Detachment).

Her 18th birthday was a very happy occurance; her uncle revealed that her gift, from everyone there, was to secure the services of a Companion for her. Her uncle's reasoning was simple; he wanted her to be gently, and safely, introduced into the world of physical pleasure, and a Companion is arguably the best way to do so. Lulu was, understandably, a bit embarassed by her uncle's admission (though her uncle was, as well, not that she could tell; his years as an investigator taught him to conceal his emotions very well). The Companion, a young, Asian-descended woman by the name of Cloe, spent two days with Elunara, mostly just talking. Lulu was quite shy at first, but soon opened up to Cloe (in more ways than one, but we're not going to discuss that). She was saddened to see the Companion leave, and almost had to be physically restrained to keep from glomping Cloe like a lamprey and following her. The two kept in contact, mostly through waves (Cloe's work as a Companion kept her quite busy), and remained dear friends, if not more.

Present Status

Staying mostly aboard the Phoenix, Lulu isn't the most actively sociable of people. She's nice enough if you talk to her on your own, but don't bring over the rest of the party if you want to introduce yourself with any sort of success. She's too busy these days as the Phoenix's XO to do much off the ship, but when she does, she's usually got at least one friend handy, likely Vakshlad, the Phoenix's present captain-type person, who she's like to be hand-in-hand with (and with good reason; they wear matched rings on their left hands). If, however, she happens to find you on the Phoenix uninvited (Alliance Feds on inspections, and people she knows excepted, of course), you can expect to find yourself staring down a rifle barrel, being asked precisely who you are, and what you're doing there, by a very cold voice.


Perhaps her most striking feature is her hair; a pure white color that wouldn't look out of place on St. Albans. If she were to make snow angels there, she'd likely appear bald if her bangs were brushed back. Apart from that, she'd appear to be a rather normal college-age girl, though the way she carries herself represents someone from a near-Core border world; More or less dignified enough, but with a confidence that comes from knowing a) where and when your next meal is coming from, spiced with b) the satisfaction of knowing you had a direct hand in putting it there.

Personality and Demeanor

There's a reason she's known as the "Silly Silverhair." With a playful smile on her face most of the time, and at least a half-grin most of the rest of the time (only absent when there are bullets flyin' about, usually replaced by a cool gaze, and/or a look of near-terror, or, in rare instances, both), Lulu's a very playful person, and easygoing enough, she can get along with near anyone. Well, at least she hasn't met anyone (properly met, anyway) she can't get along with, if only briefly.

Recent Activities

In the recent past, she, along with other members of the Phoenix's crew, were deputized, and accompanied the assault force that took the base of the Pirate Admiral, Frost, on the planet Ezra, and freed her captain, who had been kidnapped not long before (during which, one of the abduction party shot Lulu, despite her arms being up in a classic "surrender" position). She took her first human life during the assault on the base; her first shot missed, the second didn't. The man dropped like mannequin with the strings cut, a lightly smoking hole in his temple. The newswaves didn't mention the deputization of transport crews (at least one other ship's crew fought, as well), but Lulu prefers it that way. In the aftermath, as Captain Ree was recovering on an Alliance ship, the crew there was insulted, directly and not, by one of the crew. As many Alliance soldiers lay dead on the sands of Ezra, their bodies still being identified, the officer felt that their lives had been wasted coming after Ree; that the base should have just been glassed from high orbit, out of range of AAA fire. After a.. heated discussion on the subject, the Phoenix crew resigned their deputizations (just before they would have expired anyway), and went back to their home, though no one was quite the same. Lulu still has occasional nightmares about that day. Those are bad days to talk to her.