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Full name Ellis "Sparks" Foster
Date of Birth 10 Feb 2509
Birthplace The Black/Erana
Parents Peter & Allison Foster and Richard Newman
Siblings Tara O'Keith
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Specialization Engineering
Gender Male
Height and Weight 6'4" 200lbs
Status Active
Employment History
  • Current: First Mate of the Catalyst
  • Formerly: Chief Engineer of the Praemia
  • Formerly: Passenger of the Horizon
  • Formerly: Mechanic of the Mustang
  • Formerly: Crew member of the Erana


You're looking at a six foot four athletic looking male with very short and brown colored hair. His hair is kept short enough to be easy to keep clean, so easy in fact he shouldn't need a comb for several weeks to come. His skin seems to be a little weathered but not overall unattractive. He has blue eyes and a thick nose. He also wears a pair of faded light brown/gray-ish glasses that seem to have seen better days in the past, the lenses being an oval shape, not much bigger than his eyes. The frames are also thin and slightly bent, and fragile even. His cheeks are framed with a five o' clock shadow, adding to his overall rugged look. He has thick lips and a low chin line to frame his face. His ears seem proportionate to his face. His neck is broad as are his shoulders, but not to the point that it looks brute-ish.

His clothes primarily consists of brown tones, the most dominant being his dark brown duster that he wears that's the length of his knees. Just a simple brown coat. Underneath, across his chest he wears a dark gray vest that seems to cling to his form along with a dark blue button up shirt tucked under a pair of dark brown trousers with the usual number of pockets. Loosely wrapped around his neck, tucked under the coat is a dark blue scarf, with an almost grayish tint to them. Worn around his feet are weathered brown boots stained with dirt and dust as if they had carried him around for a long time.


Ellis is perhaps an introvert at first when meeting new people, who likes to stick in the background, but once settled he can be quite optimistic and quirky and down to earth. He also likes to keep busy and his mind active by constantly working on either his artwork or on the ship. He seems to have a natural affinity towards space and the low hums that engines create throughout a ship, feeling most at home when the ship is flying out in the black.

Ellis tends to lean towards the chaotic good side of the alignment wheel, considering that he will do just about anything he believes is good without the law getting in the way. He’s broken a few laws in the past, but nothing that’s on his permanent cortex record unless associated with the Erana – his former ship that he grew up on. His favorite color is red, as it is a color that represents energy and passion.

Recent Events

Ellis began his adventure after leaving the ranch belonging to his parents, by following advertisements that led him to The Captain's Retreat. There he found a space faring Captain by the name of Phelan Daniels and his wife Mia Daniels to work as their Engineer on the Mustang. This gig lasted for a few months, during which he has found himself acting somewhat as security. To his dismay he shot someone, which will forever follow him in his life.

During the time, working on the Mustang he also offered assistance to several crews. Of which was the Wulver and the Praemia. His time on the Wulver was a short one, though interesting to say the least.

His time on the Praemia was welcomed as well. There he met Captain Anya Ozera after being invited to a friend's birthday party. Needless to say, Officer Trent kept a wary eye on him throughout the festivities. As time went on, Ellis and Anya became fast friends, helping each other out whenever needed. Eventually their friendship grew into something more.

Ellis soon felt that it was time to move on. The Mustang had their fair share of Engineers at the time so he took a vacation with the Horizon, occasionally working as a pilot and cargo hand to earn his fair in their travels. His time on the Horizon was a short one however. It was decided that he became crew on the Praemia during one mission out in the black after visiting a derelict ship to uncover its mysteries.

Continuing the adventures of Ellis, a recent trip to Freehold station in September 2532 had left him stabbed in front of the Shipyard. No one knows by whom or why he was stabbed publically. Local authority seems to have blown over this fact and advised the Praemia's crew not to cause any trouble on Freehold should they wish to continue to conduct business there.


  • Likes the color Red.
  • Likes to add a little Coffee to his sugar.
  • Is usually optimistic in difficult situations.
  • Has an unusual sleeping pattern.
  • Has been caught caressing ship bulkheads.
  • Was seen freaked out after unloading a gun into a thug for the first time. Whether he killed him is a matter of point of view.
  • Usually wears a brown coat, resembling that of the Independent Army’s, when not working on the ship.
  • Nicknamed Sparks by the crew of the Mustang, and often seen letting sparks fly.
  • Nearly blew up a ship once with his bare hands.
  • Dating Anya.