Elliot Hayes

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Full name Elliot Ethan Hayes
Date of Birth January 31st, 23 yrs old
Parents Jonathan & Sarah Hayes
Siblings Only Child though two others died in infancy
Spouse none
Children only son,Duncan died sometime ago
Assignment San Pablo
Specialization Captain
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Sandy blonde shaved into a burr and blue eyes
Height and Weight 5'11 & 150 lbs.
Status Active


Check San Pablo Shipping For Crew Needs.

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favorite Quotes by the character

"Damn you almost made me let the air out of ya."

"The Eagle Has Landed "

Does Business with

Ugly Duckling Corporation on Aug 24, 2531


Bullets in the Gun by Toby Keith


Aug 24, 2531 Hired by Cody , of the UDC. He remains as Captain & Owner of the San Pablo

Elliot's attention now is 110% to the Crew and most of all Staying in the Black. He still has two dogs Pierre and Moppet. He wants to make the best of his life the only way He cares and knows how to do. Sure he gets into a few scuffles now and then, what Captain doesnt'? But he just does his damnest to see his Crew doesn't suffer.(( IF you're reading this, join the San Pablo!)).

He is Loyal to those he considers his friends and family and He's Loyal to the Black.

Oscar Has been gone for quite some time, couple years now and Ell is at a lost, does he move on or does he remain as he has - true. He also has found that he cares for Chastian and her son "Ethan" as well. A member of his crew and soon to be a co-pilot.

Born and raised in a farming community but had traveled with his uncle who flew cargo ships. He was ten years old when he got that first taste and knew that was what he wanted to do when he got older. He’d go each chance there was a holiday from school and travel with his uncle. His parents were a little disappointed that he didn’t want to follow in their footsteps but even his father understood that desire to soar through the stars. And wouldn’t hold Elliot back from reaching that dream. His uncle;Samuel taught him to fly small shuttle vessels when he turned fourteen and it was discovered he simply had a natural knack for flying. His father was once a cargo until he was disabled in an accident. It was years later before Elliot set out on his own that he learned that his father once flew cargo ships.

His Call sign is "Cowboy"

Its no secret that Elliot is Bi-sexual, though he tends to keep to himself and he doesn't advertise.

When he's not flying cargo, he can be found parked some where on some outer planet or even one within the rim, with oscar and crew. or sometimes just with oscar.

Adopted "Moppet & Pierre" today from the First Annual Adopt an Pup On Persephone. Moppet is a four year old female lhapso apso & Pierre is a two year old bichon frise.

Moppet.jpg Pierre-2.jpg

On his left hand is a Sterling Silver Claddagh Celtic Knot Ring. his sterling silver ring combines a traditional Irish claddagh symbol with a Celtic love knot design. The hands and heart of the claddagh are meant to symbolize friendship and love respectively, while the crown represents loyalty. The interwoven knot design is a symbol of unity and interconnectedness. This flattering ring has a cut-out design and is fashioned in a combination of polished and oxidized silver. The ring he wears is facing outward. He likes the celtic knot thus will not remove the ring.


If worn on the right hand with the heart facing out it means you are single, facing in means you are dating someone. If worn on the left hand with the heart facing out it means you are engaged and facing in you are married. (According to old gaelic.)

Personal Logs

Weapons Elliot Owns

Jul 30 2524 for a level 2 for his AK-47

September 8th 2525 Fore Level 2 For his AK-47

Sniper rifle 2529


Boros - Bernadette - Industrial Parts