Ellena Montgomery

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Full name Ellena "Elle" Montgomery
Date of Birth October 17th
Assignment Fisque Law Group
Specialization Legal Assistant
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Red hair Violet eyes
Height and Weight 5'10"/135
Status Inactive


Ellena has been poor most of her life and has relied on her skills to survive. She can Pick pockets and deceive people but she does not wish it, it's a last resort and she hates herself when she has to take from someone. She was raised on Paquin, in a small town, and started to jump from planet to planet for work.She lost her parents at a very young age and has done questionable things to get buy and survive.

She pretened to be a companion, and only did it once deceiving a man out of all his money. She will never forgive herself, and aims to one day find the man and pay back every credit, that she owes him.

Ellena Has found herself fulltime employment with the Fisque Law Group.


Ellena Has long Auburn hair, and bright Violet eyes, she tries to look as professional as possible. She's 5'10" and is taller when wearing heeled shoes.