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Full name Elizabeth Thien
Date of Birth Jan 05, 2483
Parents Thien Wei and Rosalind Anderson Wei
Siblings Emma and Liam
Spouse Unwed
Assignment CMO, Nomad
Specialization Medic
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark brown eyes, black hair
Height and Weight 174cm, 63kg
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • 2503: Graduated Ariel Business College
  • 2503-05: Two years at Ariel Med-School
Military Service
  • 2507-10: Field Medic, Independent Army
Employment History
  • 2505: Junior Manager, Thien Pharmaceutical, Inc, Greenleaf Division
  • 2510-21: Medic, Winter Storm
  • 2521: Medic, Invictus
  • Current: Medic, Nomad

Elizabeth Thien is a medic on board (NPC ship) Nomad.



  • 2483: Born on Ariel, to Thien Wei and Rosalind Anderson Thien


Bess was born the oldest child to a fairly wealthy family on Ariel and was groomed to take a place in the family's medical company from early childhood. Along with her younger sister, Emma, and brother, Liam, the children attended classes in a wide range of subjects outside of regular school in order to prepare them for their future in Thien Pharmaceutical, Inc. In what little spare time she had outside schoolwork, she practised various styles of martial arts as well as trying her hand at different forms of artistic pursuits (though she quickly found she had no talent for either painting, music or crafting).

Graduating business college at just twenty, she went on to med-school, more to get a feel for doctors and medicine than to actually /be/ a doctor. Leaving there at twenty-two, Bess went on to fill a position as a junior manager at one of the company's branches on Greenleaf, where she came in contact with people of a different kind than those she knew from home. Their strong belief that the Alliance was getting too big and too powerful amazed her and she slowly started to come around to their point of view.

When war broke out, Bess was eager to join forces with the Independents, but her friends advised her to stay where she was, believing that her position in the family firm could turn out to be valuable. And it was. Bess made sure that certain medical supplies were redirected to end up in Browncoat hands rather than being sold on the open market.

But, as they say, nothing lasts forever, and Bess' dealings were discovered just six or seven months into the war. Her blood relations with the head of the company saved her from being locked up in an Alliance jail, or worse, executed for treason, but she was disowned by the family and thrown out on the streets with nothing but the clothes she wore.

Even so, her name became well known among those fighting the Alliance and when she joined the Independents, she was welcomed with open arms. She became a field medic, learned how to patch up wounds and treat infectious diseases rampant in foxholes, and made it through the war with more experience than she had going in. When peace was declared, she tried to get in touch with her family, but they would still have nothing to do with her, claiming that her actions during the beginning of the war had damaged the company irreparably, even though Thien Pharmaceutical, Inc. had had tremendous success with producing medical supplies for Alliance troops.

Since the war, and still avoiding charges from the Alliance due to the family name (they might not want to acknowledge her as a family member, but dragging her through a court martial would only be damaging to the company, right?), Bess took to the Black, working for many years on the Winter Storm, under Captain Ivanov. But, like they say, nothing lasts forever, and Captain Ivanov retired, selling his ship and discharging all his crew with sincere apologies and so, Bess is in need of a new crew to keep flying with.

PC History


Bess spent a short time with the Invictus, under Captain Grey but met up with some old friends from the Winter Storm, who had plans for purchasing a ship of themselves. She decided to join forces with them and resigned from Invictus shortly after.


The Nomad is an NPC firefly class ship. Her crew is mainly NPC (except for Elizabeth)

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