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Full name Eleanor Arabelle Meridian
Date of Birth June 22, 2495
Birthplace Ariel
Parents Rhyse and Elizabeth Meridian
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel/Brown
Height and Weight 5'5"/145lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

University of Medicine: Osiris (Doctor of Psychiatry)

Employment History

Psychiatrist-on-staff, St. Lucy's Hospital


A woman of average height, Eleanor almost reaches five and a half feet tall, barefoot. She is slightly overweight, by twenty pounds or so, but wears it well. Her face is unlined and her hair a deep chestnut brown, though whether this is natural or the result of many trips to a salon is uncertain. Today her hair is caught up in a tight ponytail, smooth against her head with slightly frizzy curls cascading down from the band that holds it in place. She wears wire-rimmed glasses and has unremarkable hazel eyes. She favors dark red lipstick, a startling contrast to her pale skin, and has a rather prominent nose.


Eleanor was born on June 22, 2495, on Ariel. Her father was a resident at St. Lucy's when she was born, and her mother worked part-time as a medical secretary in the neonatal wing. Her mother was desperate to have children, but had a hard time conceiving. After fertility treatments Eleanor was born, but further treatments were unsuccessful. After her birth Eleanor’s mother quit her job to care for her daughter full-time. As she grew and her father became more prominent in his profession, the family had more money and provided Eleanor with more opportunities and material goods. When she was seven her mother hired a full-time nanny, but micromanaged the poor woman so much that she quit about three months later. They went through six more nannies until her father put his foot down, hired someone part-time, and told his wife to go find a hobby. She did, becoming involved with the Ladies' Auxiliary, socializing with other doctor's wives, and pursing various charitable endeavors. During her early childhood, Eleanor became close friends with Reilly Kelly, whose family existed in the same social circles as her own. Viewing him as something of a little brother, Eleanor remained in contact with Reilly throughout her life. Eleanor was sent to boarding school at ten, having received her basic education at a local private school.

Up to this point, Eleanor’s personality was very much a caricature of her mother's, but she began to blossom at school and found interests of her own. Her father did put his foot down and insist she study Latin, which was as interested as he'd ever been in her education up to this point. He was already grooming her for a career in medicine, which ultimately didn't work out exactly as he'd planned. Eleanor was always extremely empathetic, and developed an interest in theater that continued until time constraints at medical school made it impossible to continue. After finishing her undergraduate work, Eleanor was accepted to medical school at the University of Osiris. She chose to study psychology, which led to a dispute with her father, but her time away at boarding school had given her the confidence to stand up for what she really wanted. Eventually their relationship grew closer as he came to respect her decision, and her chosen profession. She had a few romantic relationships, some lasting months, and others several years, but she never made it to the altar. It's possible that she may have inherited her mother's reproductive issues, as she never so much had a pregnancy scare. She never looked into it, for various reasons that she rarely talks about.

In medical school she reconnected with Reilly, and met for the first time Sachin, his boyfriend. The three were something like the Three Musketeers, becoming very close very quickly. Even after she graduated (being several years older than the boys) she returned to visit them at school, and kept in constant contact by wave, up until Reilly’s disappearance shortly after the death of her mother. For reasons she won’t discuss, she also lost contact with Sachin at that time, and threw herself into her work as a psychiatrist at St. Lucy’s to cope with the loss of her closest friends, and her beloved mother.

Rp Hooks

  • Eleanor has been a therapist at St. Lucy's for over ten years. Were you one of her patients? Another doctor on staff?
  • Eleanor graduated from the University of Osiris, and did her residency at a hospital there. Did you take classes with her?
  • She was quite an active partier with Reilly Kelly and Sachin Harlow while at school. Did we meet at a party?

The People

Reilly Kelly - Eleanor's brother from another mother.
Sachin - "Reunited, and it feels so good ...."
Helen - Newfound friend who is teaching Eleanor to loosen up.
Hal - He hires crazy people. Eleanor treats crazy people. It's a whole thing.
Sophia - The most beautiful woman that Eleanor has ever met.
Fenton - Eleanor's not 100% sure she trusts him, but she's not 100% sure she doesn't, either.


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