Eirich Price

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Eirich dirtside
Full name Eirich Lee Price
Date of Birth April 01 2503
Birthplace New Melbourne
Parents Irwin and Moira Price
Siblings Alicia and James Price
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Security for Dochasan Lasair
Specialization Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel / Brown
Height and Weight 5'9(175cm)/175lbs(79kg)
Status Inactive
Education Information

Public School

Employment History

Currently employed on The Dochasan Lasair

  • 4 years work in Security Pre-PC
Personal Notes

Medical Files: Insomniac, self medicates.


Born dirtside, on the planet of New Melbourne. Son of a retired pilot, Eirich grew up dreaming of space (when he could sleep). He completed 12 grades in the Public Education system, working part time in the space yards from age 14. After he graduated, he signed on with Trent Security Associates for four years. He was on good terms with the company, but refused to renew his contract after it expired. After he ran out of money, he looked at the job postings and decided that the ship named Dochasan Lasair looked the best fit of all the ships with positions in security.