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Eir Duncan
Eir Duncan
Full name Eir Duncan
Date of Birth December 31, 2509
Birthplace Ezra
Parents Treasa and Brian Duncan
Siblings Bran (twin), Finn (2511), Niamh (2515) and Sean (2517)
Spouse none
Assignment Looking
Specialization General medicine and surgery
Gender female
Eyes and Hair Grey-Green / Curly Red
Height and Weight 5'5" / 115lbs
Status Active
Education Information

4 years Medical School: Osiris
2 years internship & 1 1/2 years residency: OLOH Hospital on Osiris

Employment History


Personal Notes

~ Eir is good with languages. She knows Gaelic, Sign Language, Latin, Chinese, and English.
~ Eir is allergic to Roses. Strong scents of it makes her throat begin to close up, while the oil makes her skin erupt in horrible hives.
~ Eir has hemophilia.
~ Eir has a phobia of spiders.

Dramatis Personae

Rich, maghony corkscrew hair can be often found pulled back out of her way, a few errant locks escaping to accent her face. An oval face contains high cheekbones, a freckled nose that tilts upwards at the end, and full, rosy lips. Narrow, slightly arched eyebrows lie above grey-green eyes fringed by lashes several shades darker than her brows. The bane to any red-head lies in the creamy apricot skin dotted by freckles that has a tendency to burn in the sunlight. Slender, yet curvy, she tends to put on weight around the middle if she doesn't watch it carefully. She's of average height for a female, standing near the half-way mark between five and six feet.

Before the Black


Home is/was a small chicken farm inherited from her mother's family. It wasn't easy work, but it provided the family with a means of living. Eir is the oldest of five children - her twin Bran born a few minutes after her. Three more siblings would come in the years afterwards.

Her father had been part of the Independents during the war, and suffered injuries that took most of his hearing, and a good bit of his sight as well by the time he'd returned. He still cheers for the rebels whenever they hit the news. He loves to talk about how his ass was pulled out of hell by Beau Compton's father back during the war, and how he kept in touch throughout the years.

School was a time in which Eir would get away from the farm, and prove herself to be rather smart. By the time she would graduate from high school, she would earn scholarships to Osiris to attend university there, and later, to medical school as well.


Talk about a change from what Eir was used to back on Ezra! While many might have seen her as some backwards individual from a rim planet, she ignored them all and dove head first into her studies. The years passed both quickly, and not fast enough for her. Friends would try and draw her out, teasing her about never getting involved with guys or having any fun. But being the first in her family to not only go to college, but to make something of themselves was a big deal to her. University, medical school, residency... and before she knew it, she was out and with a license to practice medicine in hand.

Her first thought is to return home to Ezra and set up shop there to help those that need it, which she did for a while. And then she ended up on a ship, crossing the Black, taking care of the crew members. Eventually, she settled back at a hospital on Persephone where she took her place as a General Surgeon on it's staff.

After the Black

To Come.....