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Full name Egg Patel
Assignment Pathfinders
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes,Grey Hair
Height and Weight 5'6, 175
Status Active


Egg Patel is a fairly unusual looking man. He is very obviously of Asian heritage. He stands about 5'6" inches and weighs approximately 175 pounds. His frame could be described as "stocky". A man of 60 years, he has nearly shoulder length, graying hair and light mustache and goatee of the same graying hue. He carries himself with an obvious grace that could be indicative of martial arts training. His clothing is usually a loose fitting garb of the Chinese or Indian style as to grant him comfort and ease of motion during any and all activities. However, he has been known to wear island print shirts, cargo shorts and tennis shoes and often does so when performing more laborious chores on the ship. On his face he wears a small half smile as if he were amused by all he has seen and is currently seeing. To the casual observer he appears content, relaxed and entertained. His voice is slightly gruff and could be described as "jolly".


Egg Patel was born and raised on Sihnon. Sihnon being the hub of Eastern tradition and religion, Egg was raised in a very traditional Asian household. His mother was of Chinse lineage and his father's family line hailed from India. His parents ,although deeply in love, were conflicted as to how their children would be raised. A compromise was reached and a mixture of Hindu and Buddhist religion was agreed upon. Egg was educated on the ways of China and India back on Earth-that-was. Both sides of the family boasted a proud tradition of travelers such as merchants, sailors, explorers and those who otherwise moved goods and/or people from one place to another. With sincere interest, Egg studied travel, ships, navigation, flight and eventually became a pilot.His father and mother were both very supportive of his decision to actually become a pilot as it would afford him a lot of travel and life experience. Both of his parents are still alive and well and in their 80's on planet Sihnon. He did plenty of travelling, but his craving for fun often found him wasting much of his pay on vices. Having had his contract cancelled by his shipping fleet for failure to pass a drug screening test, Egg became desperate. Unemployed and homeless, he hit rock bottom on planet Shadow. He was jobless, homeless, spiritually demoralized and desperate. He prayed and meditated profusely one night for assistance from his ancestors and other benevolent spirits. It was the very next day that the Independence forces issued a general call for volunteers. He considered the opportunity to be divine intervention. Though mildly intoxicated, he was immediately interviewed and quickly approved for a support pilot Although older than most of his fellow volunteers, his training as a pilot was immediately noticed by the recruiters and he was quickly put to use almost as a cargo pilot with little time wasted in the way of military training or an official "boot camp". Using a private ship with civilian indentification, he often flew covert supply missions from independent friendly factions and transported said supplies to obscure locations to be picked up later by independent forces bound for the front line. When the war concluded, he continued his pilot trade, only this time as a freelance transportation specialist for hire.
Egg's current position can be described as one of flux. He has worked for several commercial shipping and transport companies since the war ended. For one reason or another, he found himself without a job temporarily. Either the ship would break down with no money for repairs, or the fleet would fold due to poor management. He finds himself in need of steady work in his field. For Egg, the problem isn't finding a job, it's keeping one. He's travelled to Persephone in search of work and hopefully, a long term contract with a worthwhile company.


The only thing in Egg's life that would constitute a "secret" is his use of substances such as Red Wine, Marijuana and occasionally Opium. Egg lives by a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. His use of such substances has not affected his performance on the job, but has gotten him terminated from employment more than once for failure to pass a drug screening test. If asked he will divulge his use of the afore mentioned substances... But *only* if asked as he does not believe in lying or failing to answer direct questions.