Eeben Barlow

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Full name Eeben Barlow
Date of Birth May 18, 2478
Parents Cobus Barlow (father) and Helen Barlow (mother)
Siblings None
Assignment The Regiment, Commander
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue / None
Height and Weight 6'4"/210 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Beaumonde Highschool

Military Service

Retired Captain, Commanded the Alliance Special Forces 32 Battalion, Reconnaissance Wing. Awarded Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Du-Khang

Employment History

Self Employed

Eeben Barlow is the Commander of The Regiment.


A reasonably tall, fit looking caucasian male stands here. A few inches over six feet, and looking to be around two hundred pounds in weight, he looks to be in very good physical condition. His brownish hair has been cut alarmingly short, though it is evident with his receeding hairline that he is creeping up in his years. His features are lean, yet respectable. Well groomed would be the best way to describe his appearance. His figure is lean and well muscled, though he makes no overt attempts at flaunting it. Overall he looks remarkably normal.

Personality and Demeanor

Eeben is a very calm, collected character. Outwardly polite and sociable, he has been known to lose his temper when pushed. He carries himself with confidence, his reputation as a skilled combat leader is well known in most Alliance veteran circles. His service has left its mark however, many joke at his flinching in response to loud noises, and nervousness in large crowds.

Current Employment

Currently Eeben runs the highly successful Private Military Company, The Regiment. Based out of Silverhold, Eeben employs only the most professional soldiers to work on the private market.

Character Biography

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