Eddard Oldcastle

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Eddard Oldcastle
Full name Eddard "Ned" Oldcastle
Date of Birth 29 March 2473
Assignment Pilot, Shenjing Industries
Specialization Piloting; persuasion/seduction; interstellar trade
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair green eyes, black hair
Height and Weight 6'0", 225#
Status Semi-Active


The man before you is fat, yes, but that's not the right word... large. That's it. He's tall and portly, not in an obese way but in the manner of a large, big-boned man who relishes his time at the supper table. He is bald on the top of head, but the hair below which rings from ear to ear is a full, wavy black. He also wears a full beard, only slightly streaked with grey. His face is crowed with laughter lines. You'd put him in his mid 50's.

His attire is nothing of note: oversized cargo flight pants with fit his size well enough, expansive leather vest over an off-white workman's shirt. Paramilitary boots of a dark brown leather. Sturdy and serviceable.

Short Conceptual (OOC Information)

Eddard (Ned) Oldcastle is a man larger than life. He is boisterous, brash, quick to laugh, and oddly charismatic. He is a debauched seducer of women, a shameless braggart, and a great lover of wine. All this is contrasted by how gracefully and delicately he pilots a starship. He is the John Falstaff of the black.

Ned would make a great leader of a small paramilitary force, a mercenary company, or a band of highwaymen. His personal magnetism is substantial, and he fosters friendship amongst his fellows. But he doesn't seem himself in this light, and so currently fits best in a trusty-pilot, second-in-command role.