Durran Haymer

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Durran Haymer
Full name Duran Haymer
Date of Birth Soon to come
Parents Unavailable
Siblings Unavailable
Spouse Yolanda (YoSaffBridge)
Assignment Unavailable
Specialization Soon to come
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, short brown hair.
Height and Weight 5'8"
Status Active
Education Information
  • Soon to come.
Military Service
  • Soon to come.
Employment History
  • Soon to come


Durran Haymer might just fancy himself some ancient roman senator; wide-set eyes of an umber that darken at the rim of the irises, smallish, pointed aquiline nose, expressive lips set over a prominent jaw, a strong jawline accentuated with a bristly beard of the same rich brown as his hair. The image is destroyed by the two ears protruding from his head like some kind of unfortunate jug-handles. Nonetheless he is otherwise well-formed, lean and fluid if a bit on the short side.

He wears a black lightweight full-sleeved top of some synthetic velvety material. It has a high collar, the join of which is bound with a tiny gold pin, a mark of his military service. The top wraps across his torso to button down the right side of his chest, and then tuck into a broad sash around his waist. The sash intricately embroidered in a madman's pallette of colours and tied off-set on his left hip. The only jewelry bared upon him is on his right index finger. A broad silver band with oval stone looking deocrations embedded around it. A matching pair of trousers, of a shimmering cotton/silk blend and military pressed, tucks into calf-high officer's boots, polished to a high shine.


One of the Alliance commanders of the bioweapons division in the Unification War, Haymer gained a name for himself after the war for his collection of priceless and rare artifacts of Earth-that-was (he has "warehouses full of stuff"). During the War he would target populated areas with valuables, wipe out all life (being a bio-weapons expert) and then take anything of value left behind (Trash). After the War, Haymer used his wealth to buy a private floating island on Bellerophon ("Home to the rich and paranoid").

Haymer is one of Saffron's many husbands and Mal theorised that he is the only one she really loved [Trash]. Haymer was left by Saffron, who returned six years later with the crew of Serenity to steal the Lassiter which he had acquired during the war in the above mannor. During this incident he walks in on the theft in progress and it becomes apparent that as soon as he saw her he called the feds, proving that is no fool.

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