Durandal Corrimer

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Full name Durandal Tichondrius Corrimer
Specialization Bounty Hunter/Cook/Musician
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Ice Blue eyes, Light Brown Hair
Education Information

Londinium Martial Academy (Expelled)

Military Service

Federal Preparatory Training (Expelled)

Employment History

Self-Employed till recently, now a member of the Ascension's crew.

"You're going to do tell me what I want to know because it's a good idea... I'm trying to help you here... I have your best interest at heart. Oh, and if you don't tell me what I want to know... I'm going to shoot you in the face."

-Durandal Corrimer to Arko Renbeck during a "Gunpoint Interveiw"


Durandal Corrimer is a mish mash of skill and experience. Though his primary skillset is geared towards Bounty Hunting, he has picked up a variety of other skills as a matter of necessity.

Though his profession tends to place him in dangerous situations, Durandal beleives strongly in the power of suggestion, preferring to threaten physical violence, rather than visit it. He rarely does wetwork, preferring to take his prey alive, for both ethical and economic reasons.

Early Adulthood

His earliest "training" came from the Martial Academies of Londinum, which his parents paid handsomely for and Durandal had no use for. He was a model student, learning quickly. He scored well in fields of Marksmanship and Unarmed Combat, as well as Perception and Awareness. He also underwent the physical training and conditioning regimen offered at the Academy. His reflexes were honed through excercise, while small doses of common poisons and drugs were introduced into the body under medical supervision so that the immune system would develop a tolerance. This conditioning didn't keep him from picking up smoking (a bad habit among his classmates), it just meant he could run a mile after smoking a cigarette, and his tobacco consumption doubled. First Aid, including rudimentary field triage, was also taught, and while not his strongest subject, he qualified for basic certification.

Though a good student for the most part, Durandal did not graduate with his class. When examinations came, he purposely failed a key test which caused him to be held back another year. His classmates graduated ahead of him and went on to serve in the ranks of the Alliance Federals, which was the point of the program. Durandal was no Browncoat, but the proposition of military service was not at all appealing to him, and it showed in his grades the following term. And so, despite still having a passing grade average, he was scrubbed from the program.

Leaving Londinum

His parents were supportive, though his decision to leave Londinum dissapointed them. Still, they wished him well, and would welcome him back with open arms if he ever arrived on their doorstep.

His skills served him well in finding jobs, and he signed on with various crews on various jobs. Though feircely loyal to those he worked with, he never swore fealty or settled down into prolonged service with any given crew. Instead, he used the time to further develop his skills, and learn new ones, intending ultimately to go into business for himself, which he eventually did, albiet for a short time.

The enterprise was a freelance Private Investigation firm on Persephone, where Duran spent years chasing leads and developing contacts. As his pool of informants grew, so did his success. But on a case involving a local gang, The Blue Cimmarons, he dug too far and attracted the wrong type of attention. One night, following the close of a case he'd been working, he arrived at his office to find it on fire, torched by members of the gang, who were lying in wait for him...

He managed to wound two of them, but the effort to defend himself was in vain, and he spent nearly a week in bed at the Persephone Clinic.

IC History


Durandal, finding himself near creditless with all his valuables claimed by the fire, signed on with the crew of the Ascension, though this was in letter only, as he spent very little time there.

In Search of Mercy

Most of his time was spent on Persephone, and then on Lilac, chasing Mercy O'Keefe, a wanted criminal. He was able to use his contacts both on world and off to track her to Lilac, and secured passage there ahead of the Ascension. When they arrived, Durandal and the crew confronted Mercy and killed her, collecting the bounty on her head.

Planet-Hop Whodunit

Durandal would have liked to investigate the bombing on Paquin, but a case that spanned from Persephone to Sihnon came up, and he spent most of his time tracking a murderer through the streets of Persephone, then picked up the trail when the killer struck again on Sihnon. Durandal is currently persuing all leads. Most recently, he has tracked the suspect to Lilac, but as Lilac is currently blockaded, there are no inroads to make landfall. Durandal sent a wave to the Pirates to make contanct, but due to communications blackouts, the message has probably not been received.

Guris McLane

To pass the time while he awaits word from Lilac, Durandal has taken up Bounty Hunting again. He began the hunt for Guris McLane, a wanted man on Persephone, but had scarcely spoken to anyone when as luck (or misfortune) would have it, Guris was spotted in Eavesdown. Having no time to arrange a more advantagous battleground, Durandal took the first shot. In retrospect,that shot should have been to Guris' face, rather then his knee, but Durandal was hoping for a live capture.

Kenthadus came to his aid, but even the two of them were unsuccessful. Though Guris was wounded, and deprived of his primary weapon by a shot from Durandal's Steyr Scout (which was subsequently rendered inoperable by a grenade blast), he managed to escape amidst chaos, leaving Durandal and Kent alive, but bloodied. They both spent time in the Acension's Medbay, but were soon back on the streets to finish what they started. As of now, Guris is still at large. In the next encounter, Durandal plans to take a killing shot.