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Doran Walsh
Full name Doran Colm Walsh
Date of Birth May 18, 2504
Birthplace Beylix
Parents Salvador and Marsha Walsh
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Engineering Apprentice with Aerie Aviation and Aeronautics
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Icy Blue - Dark Brown
Height and Weight 6'0" - 183 lbs.
Education Information


Employment History

Selling Parts and Devices on Beylix - Apprentice Engineer, Aerie A&A

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Doran is a rather smart guy, able to take a problem, break it apart, and solve it - in most cases. He likes puzzles; it's part of the reason he likes machines so much. They're a big puzzle waiting to be solved as you gotta find the correct part and get it into the correct spot, but you can't even do that until you figure out what's broke in the first place. Over all he likes people and doesn't have a problem with them, but he still tries to keep them at arms length as a tough life where if you aren't careful everything can be snatched away in an instant tends to make a man might wary of the folk he lets get to close to him. Over all he does his best to be a pleasing person to be around; comes from having stuff that needs sold, and people are more likely to buy from someone who's nice to them than ain't. He's also mighty cautious when in an area he don't know, knowing full well that in every area there are those who will pray on the unwary or unwise in an attempt to transfer ownership of their possessions.


Doran Colm Walsh is a young man in perhaps his early twenties. He's six foot in height with messy brown hair about shoulder length and bright ice blue eyes. The shape of his face is somewhat childish in appearance yet in a way, and his lean form further extends the illusion of youth, but a closer look shows that while he is smaller, he's well built and carries a surprising amount of muscle though it doesn't show easily.


Doran was born on Baylix to a couple of poor workers, just trying to make ends meet. It was a tough life, not having enough food or water, or enough warm clothes to ever be truly comfy, but it could have been a lot worse. They did have a roof over their head at least, and with a blanket or two they could at least be reasonably warm in their own house. They lived like that for a couple of years, right up until Doran hit about nine years old. A freak fire caught the house on fire. His mom was trapped inside, unable to escape, and his dad died from burns getting Doran out safely. This was a start of a whole new part of his story.

From this point on Doran was alone in a big world. He wandered about the city, eventually taking up with a group of kids ranging from a bit younger than himself all the way up to late teens. It was about this time Doran started exploring the junkyards with the other kids about his age, looking for things to scavange and sell to make their way. As he was wandering he picked up other pieces, figuring he'd see if he could do anything with them himself. That night he sat down with the parts and a couple junky, but still usable tools he had found, ready to start toying around with what he had. It took him near a weak of mucking about, but eventually he managed to connect the parts in a way to make the little motor run. It was nothing impressive, but it was something that worked. From here on he would raid the junkyard for parts he could use as well as things that would sell, spending several hours every night just toying with the parts, learning how they worked and what they did in his attempt to make something that people would actually use and buy off of him. It took him about five years, but eventually he made something that a shopkeeper decided he wanted. It wasn't anything really special, just a pad that could be used to heat or cool objects set on it to a certain amount either direction, but it was something. From that point on he started buying books to learn more, tinkering and working to create more things to sell since you could get more from them, helping his group with odd jobs here and there to earn the money to buy parts he couldn't salvage until he almost made a business of it, a business with the express purpose of getting him off of this rock and out to see the stars.

Family History

Doran's parents were more or less what you'd expect parents in those parts to be. They worked hard day in and day out, trying to make a better life for themselves and their son, all the while schooling him as best as they could and raising him to be the best he could, hoping that he'd be able to leave and make a real life for himself where they had failed. The group of children he joined after his parents died were a little different. While yes, they did have to depend on each other to survive, it was still very much dog eat dog, and if something came up that would make one a little better off, chances are high they'd take it instead of sharing the wealth. Despite that they were still pretty close over all, since all they had was each other, and if something was done to one, you'd have to face the wrath of the whole group.

Education and Employment History

Self-educated and self-employed until the age of 24. Doran then signed on with Aerie Aviation and Aeronautics as an apprentice engineer. For the most part that means he gets to fetch and carry plans and designs wherever the boss tells him, but sometimes it means he gets to make spectacular breakthroughs and design contributions to some of the most cutting-edge R&D projects in the 'verse.