Donnie Ray

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Donnie Ray
Full name Donald Ray Sanchez
Date of Birth Unknown, but rumored to have been just prior to the out break of the war for Unification.
Parents Deceased
Siblings Maria Sophia Sanchez <Deceased> aka Miia
Assignment Dark Embrace
Specialization Engineering
Gender Male
Status Inactive
Personal Notes


Known Facts

Donnie Ray has served on many ships over the past 5-6 Years. Starting with the Dark Pheonix, and then the Symphony. He later moved on to work for the Origanal Spitfire crew when it had signed on as Rim world security forces. From there he moved on to the Liberty, followed <according to rumor> by the Arictic Raider group where he was one of the senior Engineers working directly under the Pirate king and queen if rumors can be believed of one so young as he is. Currently Donnie Ray works as an Engineer for the Dark Embrace.

Black Facts

Please ask him before using these in RP.

  • Donald Ramone Sanchez aka Donnie Ray is wanted for crimes against humanity by the underground resistance groups made up of former Independence fighters.
  • A second want and warrant has been issued by Alliance Marshals for his apprehension for questioning in regards to a series of bombings on Perssephone.
  • Third Warrant: Blue sun would be willing to pay an undisclosed sum of money for the apprehension of Donald Ramone Sanchez in conection with unspecified events during, and after the war for unification
  • Fourth Warrant: Alliance Intel will pay an undisclosed sum of credits for the apprehension of Donald Ramone Sanchez <dead or alive> in connection with his activities during the war.
  • Fifth want: An undisclosed group has let it be quietly known they are willing to pay a large sum of credits for the delivery of Donald Ramone Sanchez. <Alive>

Distinguishing Marks

Donnie bears the slave brands of the Black Flames slaver group. A man engulfed in black flames on his chest, and a bar code under his left eye.