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Full name Donald Charles Williams
Date of Birth March 18th, 2500
Birthplace Jiangyin
Parents Joshua "Josh" Charles Williams, Elisabeth "Lizzy" Maria Williams
Spouse Unwed
Children None known
Assignment Each Uisge
Specialization Pilot, cook, horse breeder
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue, graying brown but trimmed hair
Height and Weight 5'10", 154 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Home-schooled horse breeder, Alliance Flight Academy (2518-2522), self-taught cook

Military Service

Prisoner transport, Alliance personnel transport (2522-2530)


Standing two inch short of six feet, Donnie is a man whose most notable feature are his blue piercing eyes. He's not bald, but his head is recently shaven. There's a young shade of stubbles on his head, although most of that is hidden by a brown oilskin cowboy hat. A beard is beginning to emerge on his face. His body is of average build, leaning towards the slim end of the spectrum. He doesn't have any noteworthy muscular mass or extremely broad shoulders, yet he doesn't look like a weakling. Deeply tanned, this man seems to spend a great deal of his time outside.

His attire is simple, with a denim jacket over an ecru button-up shirt and black waistcoat keeping his torso warm. The shirt is tucked into bootcut denim jeans, held in place by a thick brown leather belt with a large oval metal buckle. An iComm pouch is attached to the belt, as is a length of rope and the sheathe for a survival knife. A pair of brown leather cowboy boots emerge from underneath his pants, complete with spurs and rowels.


Jiangyin, 2500 AD. Lizzy Williams gives birth to her first child, whom she and her husband Josh call Donnie. Donnie grows up with his parents on his father's horse breeding, where he has helped with work ever since he could walk. His mother is the teacher in the small agricultural community where they live. Donnie gets a sister at the age of three and a brother on the age of 6.

Being the oldest son of the couple, it stands to reason that Donnie is the one who will eventually inherit ownership of the ranch. With this knowledge in mind, Donnie works hard and learns all those things that are important for the trade. It is a relatively unexciting, peaceful, happy, warm childhood, where life is simple and everything is good.

Jiangyin, 2518 AD. Eighteen years old, shaking off the feathers of adolescence and with his first fluff appearing on his cheeks, Donnie decides that there must be more to life than hay 'n horses. Being intrigued by the spaceships that occasionally visit the planet, he decides to enlist with the Alliance Flight Academy. He gets accepted that same year and moves to Londinium, where he rents a room. For the next four years he works hard and studies a lot, but he also pick up drinking.

Londinium, 2522 AD. Eventually he graduates with, ahem, flying colours. He is offered a job within the ranks of the Alliance penal system, where his job is to co-pilot people to and from prisons (be they convicts, released prisoners, guards, lawyers, Donnie flies them all). On occasion he's also assigned to transport other Alliance personnel and supplies through the 'Verse.

He really has a knack for flying and there's almost no limit to how much he enjoys souring these boats through the black, but over time a nagging feeling begins to dawn on the young man: he actually misses home.

New Melbourne, 2526 AD. After a regular flight to New Melbourne, Donnie and his first pilot are standing on the spaceport, waiting for dock hands to unload their ship. This is when news reaches Donnie that his father has fallen ill. What with the homeworld being nearby, Donnie takes an unpaid leave and hops onto the first shuttle to Jiangyin.

Jiangyin, 2526 AD. At first, being back home feels good. He loves his father's new dog, he loves working with the horses again, and he loves his mother. He resigns from his job with the Alliance. But his father's sickness has made the old man cranky, and in the past eight years Donnie has learned to see things from another perspective, and Donnie and his father discord more and more often over all sorts of things - how the horses should be treated, how the breeding should be run, how poker should be played, and whether or not it's acceptable to wear a brown hat on Sundays.

To escape from the less than happy situation at home, Donnie sees to it that he is still assigned to at least one flight every two months. This allows him enough time to keep the breeding running, while also giving him some away-time from his family and some room to breath.

Jiangyin, 2528 AD. A relatively uneventfull year, short of the birth of Gabby, Donnie's dog.

Londinium, 2530 AD. With his father's sickness progressing more and more, Donnie's presence is required on the breeding more than he'd like. Being unavailable for flights so much, the Human Resources department decides to sack him.

Jiangyin, 2531 AD. The fights with his father get so bad that Donnie decides he doesn't want to be there anymore. His father disowns him. Without a job, without a home, and with nothing but one suitcase of clothing, his dog, and a bottle of beer, Donnie travels back to the spaceport, in pursuit of a new life.


Donnie is usually a calm person, who is not easily impressed or at least, he doesn't show it when he is. Generally he follows the "live and let live" principle, but he's always curious what motivates people to do what they do. Still, he isn't openly judgemental. That's not to say that he keeps to himself - he enjoys good company and he certainly is a sociable man, but he is a little bit of an introvert nontheless. He's a recovered alcoholic but still has a weak spot for a good glass of booze. Once he starts drinking, all limits are lifted. He gets really nervous when he has to go without nicotin for more than a few hours. What really ticks him off is when he finds out he's been lied to.

He doesn't live by a certain code, although his morals can be summarized as follows. Live and let live. Don't lie, don't accept it when you're told lies. Sharing is caring. One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. It's important that a man (and a woman) should always present himself with proper manners. Even though his sense of etiquette might be a little outdated or rough around the edges.


Donnie is passionate about seven things. In alphabetical order, these are

  • blues and country music,
  • dogs, especially his own Gabby,
  • good food,
  • hats,
  • horses,
  • ships,
  • and of course women.

Other than that, he's a heavy smoker and a recovered alcoholic, who still has a soft spot for a good glass of beer or scotch.


A dog standing proudly in a field of grass
Gabby - An usually energetic dog of the Kelpie breed. Standing at about 19 inch, she has smooth fawn fur, Curious, friendly, soft eyes taing in her environment, and proud prick ears. She has an athletic built. Too large and old to be a puppy still, this dog is still on the young side of the spectrum.


  1. Dolly Parton - Jolene (or a Norah Jones cover)
  2. John Hiatt - Back of my Mind
  3. Lucinda Williams - Drunken Angel
  4. John Hiatt - Angel Eyes
  5. Katie Melua - Spider's Web
  6. Norah Jones - Summertime
  7. ...incomplete...