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Just The Facts....

Vital Statistics

Full name: Dominic Edward Granger
Date of Birth: 29 April, 2491
Gender: Male
Born On: Dyton
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’10
Weight: 175 lbs
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Bloodtype: A negative
Parents: Terrance and Molly Granger
Siblings: Yes.
Spouse: No.
Assignment: Tienlong Organisation, Second Mate - Still functioning as Cargo Master and Master Chef
Specialization: Cooking
Status: Inactive
Wearing:For the everyday wear, he chooses simple clothing. An old faded brown tee-shirt , just tight enough to show off his fit physique, but worn enough to be comfortable. Some kanji, broken by age to no longer read what they originally had, manages to cling stubbornly to the cotton material. Formerly navy blue suspenders arc over his shoulder and reach down to grip dungarees of tan duck canvas covering his legs. The nearly ragged hems also hide the uppers of scuffed and worn hiking boots that absolutely have seen better days.

The Resume

Education Information

  • Hargrave Primary School, 2498-2501 Dyton Colony, Dyton
  • Shropshire Technical Secondary School, 2501-2505 (Cooking Major) Dyton Colony, Dyton

Pre-War Employment

  • The Thames Restaurant, 2504-2506 - Dyton Colony, Dyton
  • The Cooper’s House Tavern 2505-2506 - Dyton Colony, Dyton

Military Service

  • Entered Independent service 3 May, 2508.
  • Graduated Cook’s school 15 November 2508, Rank: Private First Class.
  • Assigned to the 82nd Forward Medical Division, with the 8063rd Mobile Independent Surgical Hospital as camp cook.
  • Promoted to Corporal 27 March, 2511.
  • Released from military service at the end of the war, (late) May, 2511

Post War Service/Employment

  • Le Petite Auberge Restaurant 2511-2513 - Capitol City, Ariel
  • Shangri-la Hotel, 2513 - Capitol City, Ariel
  • Belize Restaurante, 2513-2516 - Caracol Township, Ariel
  • Le Brique Rouge Brasseirie, 2516-2517 - Capitol City, Ariel
  • Broadway Diner, 2517-2518 - Springfield Township, Ariel
  • Scallini’s Italian Restaurant, 2518 - Capitol City, Ariel
  • The Hound and Hare Public House, 2518 - Chester City, Dyton
  • The Lancaster Arms Hotel and Tavern, 2518-2519 - Lancaster Village, Dyton
  • The Thames Restaurant, 2518-2519 - Dyton Colony, Dyton
  • Stonewall Café, 2519-2520 - Lagrange, Santo
  • Hole In the Wall Tavern, 2520 - Columbus, Santo
  • Ming’s Restaurant, 2520-2521 - Columbus, Santo
  • Velvet Lounge, 2521 - Eavesdown, Persephone
  • The Highgate Hotel Lounge, 2521 - Persephone
  • Wynne Inn, 2521-2522 - Persephone
  • Violette Brasseirie, 2522-2523 - Persephone
  • Tienlong Org, 2523 - Tienlong Ship

The Personal Bits....

The end of April 2491 on Dyton brought the birth of Terrance and Molly Granger's eldest child, Dominic Edward on a night that was dark, chilly and rainy. Some might have seen this as something of an omen, but really Dominic seemed to be better at getting out of trouble than getting into any sort that they knew about. He was quiet and watchful as a child, helpful with the families chores to a point, entertaining his younger siblings as he could. The family was far from well off, both parents having to work to support the family.

By the age of thirteen, the amount of trouble that Dominic was getting himself into was increasing exponentially, having discovered gambling, cursing and acting tough to fit in with the older lads in the rough, poor neighborhood. The family's financial troubles and growing numbers propelled the boy into the kitchen of The Thames Restaurant, working for his uncle for a few extra ducats a week for the family pot. Who knew that hating dish washing with a passion would eventually save the boy's life, or provide him with a life long love for food preparation.

By the time he was old enough to join the war effort, he had enough experience in the kitchen that it would become his MOS in the War. At the tender age of seventeen, he enlisted in the Independent army and was attached to the 82nd Division, assigned to the 8036rd Mobile Hospital as one of the camp cooks, ranked Private First Class. The war was fairly uneventful for Dominic considering the camp moved constantly to keep up with the front lines, as well as the constant bombing and shelling. The occasional shrapnel tearing through the kitchen and mess tent, or the rare soldier that was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Related Psychosis livened the day in and day out of boiling barely edible rations. Diligence, loyalty and exemplary performance ensured a promotion, though it took a while to catch up to him.

Following the war, the former Corporal Granger managed to get work on Ariel, cooking in some of the best (and worst) restaurants and hotels in the core. He discovered that the culinary bright spot of the verse had a deep dark underside, rarely seen by those sitting comfortably in the front of house, enjoying the fruits and sauces and entree's of his labours. The harder he worked his way up the greasy ladder of kitchen positions, the deeper he was drawn into the seedier underworld of illegal gambling dens. The higher the stakes, the greater the rush, and he won big pots just often enough too keep himself on the hook. Eventually though, everyone's luck runs out and a serious bad streak lead Dom to leave Ariel under sudden, less than pleasant circumstances.

A young man in trouble frequently goes to surroundings familiar when he's in trouble, and Dominic was no different, returning to Dyton. Sadly, it never occoured to him that it was the very environment he aught to avoid. Not even an hour out of the space port, and he was already gambling away what little coin he had without securing employment. That came soon enough though, the cash he didn't give his parents ended up heading for dog tracks, majhong dens, poker games and any number of legal and illegal casinos. Wisdom takes time to catch up to a man, and generally one has to repeat patterns more than a few times for the reality of a situation to set in. He left for Santo when things got out of hand on Dyton, and then for Persephone when things were going badly on Santo.

Getting the hint finally that he needed to make some serious changes in his life, Granger set about breaking himself free of the betting and red-eye card games, Dominic was doing much better on Persephone until he ran into some folks from the old homestead. Some debts got paid, enough that he was able to get himself free and clear to get hired as the Chef on a shark class corvette - The Tienlong.

Dominic had been doing his level best to keep free of the gambling. It hadn't easy, to put it mildly. But then he was shot three times while defending the ship and couldn't really manage to work. So he started gathering information about cargoes and routes and the like, including a little simulator game that helped to keep him occupied during his down time. The Tienlong needed a new Cargo Master, and when he was well enough to make it off the ship, he volunteered to take on that responsibility as well as keeping the crew well fed. It took a bit before he was making a real profit for the fleet, and the rush that first big deposit was not unlike the joy he'd get from a really good bluff. Maybe he'll be alright at this cargo thing after all....

Time moves on, and sometimes so do people. Elric gaining his own ship meant the promotion of Mouse to First Mate, and a void in the command structure. For a while it lay as it was, but in time Anya grew to depend on Dominic more and more in a capacity similar to that of Second Mate. After a peculiar incident, she made it official, promoting him to Second Mate on board the Tienlong. There's no one to take over as Cargo Master or Chef, so for the time being at least Dominic wears three hats.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Shrapnel wounds across his right arm and chest.
  • Stab wound, just above the left kidney.
  • Scald scar down his right shin and calf, spilling on to his foot.
  • Various other cut and burn scars on both hands and forearms.
  • Broken left arm, stitched to close the wound where the bone broke the skin.
  • Scar across the left thumb, between the joints stitched back together.
  • Scars upper right chest, 2 - two different gun wounds, close together.
  • Scar left side of his abdomen - gun shot wound.
  • Through and through scar, left bicep and tricept - gun shot wound.


  • Back of neck: Skull wearing a chef's tall hat, biting a Chinese cleaver with the words "Cook free" arced over the top and the words "Or DIE!" below.
  • Left shoulder: Queen of Hearts holding a sword in her right hand and a thorny rose in her left hand.
  • Right calf: Writhing octopus with blue water background, Japanese style.

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Coming to that all important decision................................................Some days it's just not a good idea to hide Chef's tea..........................................................Smirky