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Matty "Dodger" Banks


Thief for hire. The sarcasm's free.

Full name

Mathilde Liberty Banks

Date of Birth

July 31, 2506

  • Father: Carlisle Banks
  • Mother: Leeanna Banks
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Green eyes, Red hair
Status Active
Education Information

The streets

Employment History


Born the year the Unification War began, it's little surprise that Matty Banks' life was a chaotic one. Mathilde Banks' life would have been very different today if her father hadn't joined the Independents months after her birth. The fact he gave her the middle name "Liberty" might have been a clue, in hindsight. Getting by on only one income, her mother struggled to make a life for herself and her child, not knowing she was under surveillance by the Alliance hoping to catch any communication between the separated couple.

After her husband was killed in 2511, Mrs. Banks became more and more unhinged -- partly thanks to the very real surveillance by the Alliance that was chalked up to paranoia and hallucinations by doctors. She was institutionalized when Matty was 12. Matty, too young to really understand, felt abandoned, vilifying her mother and idolizing her late father, whose coat was all she had to remember him by.

Rather than living under the government's thumb in an orphanage, Matty ran away, learning to steal to get by on her own. Eventually, she fell into a sort of "apprenticeship" with some professional thieves, who used her small size to their burglarizing advantage, ala Fagin in Oliver Twist. This is where she earned the nickname "Dodger," which is how she's known in some circles to this day. But every Dickens story has its villain, and when her "boss" Tuttle suspected her of holding out on him after a job, he sent some of his gang to recover what he thought was his--and to teach Matty a lesson. When they couldn't find the money, they beat her and left her for dead. Three cracked ribs, five broken fingers, a split lip and a concussion later, along with deeper, hidden scars that would take much longer to heal, Matty decided Londinium was too small a place.

At 17, she stowed away on a ship to get to Persephone. Bad luck prevailed and she was discovered stealing from the kitchen. She was shut in isolation for the remainder of the trip where the captain planned to hand her to the local law enforcement; she managed to slip free in the exchange, but not without getting shot in the leg on her retreat. There in Persephone, Matty began to make a name for herself as a free-lance thief, refusing to work under any long-term arrangements with anyone after her bad luck with Tuttle.

Eventually, she made friends among those in the Underworld, picking up skills and learning to trust enough to give and take favors -- within reason of course. She's begun to travel to other planets to take jobs and see the 'verse, finding she rather likes it out in the black, away from the cities that have caused her so much trouble.

Recent Events

  • September 2533 -- joined the crew of the Arabella.
  • November 2533 -- shot in the Haven Massacre and a week or so later, survived her first (somehow she doubts it'll be the last) reaver attack.
  • December 2533 -- after an unorthodox few weeks of getting to know him, mostly via hospital visits and the Cortex, began dating Daniel Sabo.


Matty's had it rough and has built up some walls to guard herself from getting too close to people. She has a sense of humor, if a wry and sardonic one, which she tends to use as a kind of armor. She can play nice if it suits her and is easy going enough in the proper company, but she's slow to let people get close and a bit mistrusting. Those who do find a way through will find her a loyal friend, despite her dishonest calling.

Morally, she might be considered gray -- she has no problem taking what doesn't belong to her, but not at the expense of someone she feels deserves better. The rough life she's led has left some scars emotionally, and she suffers from nightmares and insomnia as a result. A lack of sleep might account for her less-than-congenial personality at times.


  • The long brown trench she wears belonged to her father and is her prized possession.
  • Her natural hair color is red, but obviously she gives it a bit of a nudge (or shove) to make it brighter than natural.
  • Few people know her full name -- most know her as either Matty or Dodger, but rarely more than that.
  • Her "natural" accent is a muddy mix of American and British accents, but she can "posh it up" if she needs to in either direction. She tends to be a mirror of those she's with when it comes to language.

RP Hooks

  • Got something you want stolen?
  • She lived in Londinium until she was 17 - maybe you knew her then?
  • She's lived on Persephone and other Border planets from 17 on.



Roll Away Your Stone -- Mumford & Sons

Darkness is a harsh term, don't you think?

And yet it dominates the things I see.

Ghosts -- Gabrielle Aplin

You're never safe and sound

'til all the doors are closed...

When you're awake and your own

shadows turn into ghosts.

Above and Below -- The Bravery

I must believe

There's more above us and below

I must believe

Stranded with this bitch called hope

It keeps me here

When all I wanna do is go

It keeps me here

When all I wanna do is disappear

Have You Ever Seen The Rain -- The Ramones

Yesterday, and days before, sun is cold and rain is hard.

I know, been that way for all my time.

'Til forever on it goes through the circle fast and slow,

I know, and it can't stop, I wonder.

Cough Syrup -- Young the Giant

If I could find a way to see this straight

I'd run away

To some fortune that I, I should have found by now

Lost! -- Coldplay

Every river that you tried to cross

Every gun you ever held went off

Oh, and I'm just waiting until the firing stopped

Ohhh and I'm just waiting 'til the shine wears off

Green Eyes, Red hair -- Gaelic Storm

'She's a cup of tea, she's a Jaegerbomb

She's an angel, she's an Amazon

She's a poem, she's an alphabet

She's a violin with a bayonet

She's a revolution, she's a peace accord

She's a grain of sand, she's the Cliffs of Moher

She's Friday night, she's Sunday Morning

She's a fair wind, she's a sailors warning

Green eyes, red hair, long legs

Devil inside her

Bent -- Matchbox 20

If I couldn't sleep, could you sleep?

Would you paint me better off?

Would you sympathize with my needs?

I know you think I need a lot.

These Hard Days-- Matchbox 20

Oh, there's something missing

Oh, you never feel it but you

Oh, you're gonna feel it

When it's gone, when it's gone