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Django deressed up
Full name Django Mitrovich
Date of Birth Jan 09, 2506
Siblings Zita
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Performer, Master Mandrake's Merry Menagerie
Specialization Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown/Hazel eyes, Dark brown/auburn hair.
Height and Weight 5'11", 150lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Home schooled
Military Service
  • None.
Personal Notes

Age: 19


Tall, dark and handsome; though those words come with the usual variation and personal interpretation. This young man stands an inch or two shy of six feet with the long, lean build of a dancer or gymnast. His facial features are youthful yet masculine suggesting he is possibly in his late teens. The youthful aspect coming in part from the slight Eurasian blending common to the Roma peoples which also gives his skin an olive hue. His hair is dark, verging on black but softened somewhat by auburn highlights and he wears it long and loose most of the time, flowing in slight waves to his shoulders. His eyes are dark brown and often seem to have a slight glint to them that picks up hazel tones and matches up with a slightly mischievous smirk that curls his lips from time to time enhanced further by the curve of his eyebrows and occasionally just a touch of dark eye liner.

His clothing is simple but makes its own statement. On this occasion he looks to be dressed up for a night on the town, or possibly some special occasion. Over his upper body he's wearing a white dress shirt under a black leather jacket. The shirt is mostly open and the collar is folded out over the jacket, as are the sleeve cuffs. Should the jacket be pulled aside at the right, an embroidered design that runs about half way up, can be seen. The back of the jacket bears an intricate beadwork brocade of a design some may recognise from the Tarot; 'The Wheel'. A hand made necklace is worn around his neck, a traditional Romani Baxt charm rests against his chest, visible at times due to the open shirt.

Around each wrist he wears a wide leather cuff and on his right a bracelet with a few small charms hanging from it.

His pants are black, a comfortable fit and finish in a boot-cut at the ankle. Around his waist he wears a sash of brightly coloured cloth that looks to wrap around a few times and ties at his right hip. The ends hang to just above his knee and are tasselled, the tassels having small brass discs or coins tied in them that jingle softly when he moves. On his feet he wears a nice pair of dress boots in a dark coloured leather, not smooth and polished, but suede. The toes of the boots come to a slight point and they have what is called a 'spanish heal'. The toe of each boot has a neat cap or trim piece of a sliver metal and the heals are wrapped entirely in a similar metal, shaped into partially interlinking plates near where the heal meats the leather of the boot upper.

Areas of Skill

About the only area Django's exhibited any real skill is Dancing. There may be more to the young Romany but thus far nobody seems any the wiser.



  • Grace - Apocalyptica
  • Peace - Apocalyptica


Mora Ruv

Django and Zita have a pet dog that goes almost everywhere with them. It's breed isn't anything too flash and in fact it looks at least part Wolf with possibly some Husky and or Malamute. They call it Mora Ruv, or just Ruv and it appears to be relatively well trained and behaved. Well enough that it responds to their commands at least, though there is one notable aspect of it's behaviour. Ruv appears to be specifically trained to keep cats away from Django.