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Full name Thomas 'Dinger' Bell
Date of Birth 21 Jun 2502
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Martin and Lucy Bell
Spouse Ivy Cheng (Divorced)
Children None
Assignment Lieutenant Junior Grade (Engineering), ABS Desitny
Specialization Tech
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue. Dark brown
Height and Weight 5'8". 12st 12lb
Status Active
Education Information

Alliance Naval Basic Training, Alliance Naval Technical School, Officer Candidate School

Employment History

Master Sergeant (Engineering), Department of Security
Specalist (Engineering), DAS
Owner, Newhall Bike and Mule Repairs
Recruit through to Petty Officer 1st Class, Alliance Navy


Trivia & RP Hooks

  • Londinium born.
  • Spent 12 years in the navy working as an engineering tech on various ships and bases, met a lot of people, saw a lot of places.
  • Big rugby fan, often seen sporting the yellow and gold colours of the New Cardiff Wasps. Also known to play when the oportunity presents itself, usually as a front or second row.
  • Knows his way around hoverbikes and mules but definitely a fan of the bikes. Most of his spare time if not out drinking with his mates is spent tinkering with a bike. Owns a Honda Goldwing with a custom black and yellow paintjob to match his sporting loyalties.
  • Lived for about a year on Newhall between mustering out of the navy and joining DAS. Spent too much time at the beach andnot enough at his workshop though.
  • Has a strong Work Hard - Play Hard philosophy.
  • Veteran of the Battle of Bleeding Hearts - Fought, and technically died, at Eavestown on Persephone. He got better, but did lose most of his left leg in the process.
  • Taken prisoner by Beau Compton during the hijacking of the transport Annabell B while en-route from Londinium to Beaumonde. Released 3 months later as part of a deal relating to information about slaving operations.
  • Put in charge of the Alliance's response to the water issues on Beaumonde and Persephone.


  • Allergy

Dinger has Celiac Disease which causes his body to react poorly to gluten. It shouldn't ever kill him, but ingesting it can lead to quite severe pain and associated foul moods.

  • Amputee

Having been badly wounded at the battle of Bleeding Hearts he ended up loosing his left leg just above the knee. He has a reasonable but unexciting prosthetic and while his gait is certainly unusual, he can walk in most conditions.

  • Dead Broke

With a failed business and an ex-wife who took just about everything in the divorce, Dinger has nothing left in the bank. Not only that, but the live hard, play hard attitude of the naval enlisted means he never learnt anything other than blowing his pay on frivolities as soon as it hit his account. A three day millionaire in the traditional sense, only now he's no longer in the navy he can no longer rely on being away for the rest of the month.

  • Heavy Tolerance

One such frivolity that took a lot of his pay was alcohol. Not being able to drink beer he took to heavier drinks and rapidly developed a tolerance meaning he had to spend more and more to get the same feeling as his mates. A vicious cycle.


  • English
  • Chinese





A guy standing at around 5'8 which puts him at a little above average height but not by much. Looks to be in his early to mid thirties with dark brown hair, two blue eyes, elongate but not angular face, and moderately muscular build. He also has two ears and generally sports a boyish grin.


Weapons and Ammo
  • He's currently dressed in what could only be described as casual wear. A slightly batered 'Newhall Scuba Club' t-shirt shows off the muscles in his arms nicely while a pair of beach shorts does the same for his knee and lower leg. Singular for his left leg is a prosthetic of the practical rather than cosmetic bent and the artifical knee joint can just about be seen below the bottom of the shorts. Given his shoes look unadapted though, it's a fairly safe assumption that at least the foot is molded more like the natural one it replaces.
  • He's currently dressed in what could only be described as casual wear. This seasons New Cardiff Wasps shirt is a mostly black top with gold highlights, two thick golden bands running horizontally on each flank piece, and of course the Wasp logo on the left breast with NCW embroidered above and RFC below. To go with that he wears a pair of broken in jeans which have obviously been about a bit but are not yet holed anyway, and to finish off a pair of his old military boots are on his feet.
  • He's currently dressed in what could only be described as casual wear. A plain white t-shirt sits below a garish blue, green, and yellow hawaiian, short slieved shirt. The patterns seem mostly to be abstract, but close examination reveals waves, palm trees, nad other beach motiffs. His lower half is covered by a pair of lightweight but robust cargo trousers in drab olive and his feet are decked out in a pair of old military style boots.
  • Dressed slightly smarter than straight casual but most definitely off-duty he wears a pale green oriental style tunic, which silver highlights and edging. Lightweight cotton trousers cover his lower half and the whole ensemble is finished by a pair of almost slipper like shoes.
  • Dressed for work he wears a pair of pair of grey-ish purple coveralls with the DoS emblem on the right chest and his name and rank stensiled on the left. The coveralls looks to be relatively new, in that they're not work through or such, but there are enough grease stains to indicate that they're not just for show. Steel toe cap boots protect his feet, industrial grade ear defenders are resting on his temples, and a pair of safety specs hang from a lanyard around his neck for ease of acquiral if required.

Things the Matter in the 'Verse

Other People

<gallery widths="200px" heights="200px">

Image:Axel-5.jpg|Axel Cho. A decent guy, gave me all the support I needed when he was my boss and we've remained friends since. I even have the notion that he tried to tried to break me out when I was held prisoner. Shame he's retired from the navy, when I eventually do the same I might see if he's looking for an extra pair of hands. image:Jacyuniform2.jpg|Lt Cmdr Jacy. I like her, hardarse, but she knows what she's doing. I tried to save her at Eavesdown but she ended up saving me, then again on Ita. I do hope she isn't starting to think of me as a liability. image:Charley1.jpg|Cmdr Wong. New CO. Still can't claim to really know her that well, or be able to proedict her responces. image:Ashley05.jpg|Cpl Stratton. I get the feeling I'd get on with him far better if he stoped trying to tell me how to do my job every five seconds. Knows how to do his own though, no doubts there. image:Beau8.jpg|Beau Compton. Would have made a fine officer, if he hadn't turned to crime instead. image:Morgana.jpg|'Captain' Morgana. A traitor of the highest order. She speaks well and seems convinces of her new cause, but I wonder if perhaps there might be a chance of regaining to the Alliance what we lost when she left? On the plus side though, she hasn't killed me yet either. image:Aubreyfullblackandwhite.jpg|Mr Everson. Seemed a little odd, and has the reputation to go with it. Hopefully he's still making progress while mine is hampered by circumstance. image:Tilly.jpg|Tilly. A good kid, and I'm sorry he seems to have found himself on the wrong side of all of this. I hope he finds his sister and can get clear. image:Michio.jpg|Michio. He talks a good talk, but try and talk back and he gets hot under the collar. Freely admits to having been on the other side at Eavesdown. Dangerous psychopath I think is the only other thing I'd add, a zealot who's perilously close to being out of control. image:Belle1.jpg|Belle. By the sounds of things a competant engineer, seems a decent enough person as well. I suspect though that blood will be thicker than water and that she'll stay with her brother rather than see the light.