Dimitri A. Petrenko

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Dimitri Petrenko
Full name Petrenko, Dimitri Andreiovich
Date of Birth February 5th, 2508
Birthplace Londinium
Parents <Parents>
Siblings Anita and Carla Petrenko
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Alpha Company, 1st Batallion, 74th Rifle Regiment, 63rd Federal Division
Specialization Infantry
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green; Blonde
Height and Weight 5'10"; 156lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Dropped out of secondary school, 2525.

Military Service

Private, Second Class. 2526 - Present

Employment History

Alliance Federals. 2525 - Present

Personal Notes

Portrayed by Alex Pettyfer

Dimitri Petrenko (Russian: Димитри Петрекно) (February 5th, 2508 - ) born Dimitri Andreiovich Alexi Gregori Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Petrenko (Russian:Димитри Андреиович Алеxи Грегори Владимир Илыич Улыанов Петренко)


You see before you a tall male humanoid, standing at around or just under six feet tall. He has short-cropped blonde hair that has been gelled firmly into place. His face is rather average and holds no distinguishing features, his skin is off white with a rosy tint to his cheeks. His nose is slender but quite long and hooks up slightly at the end, which causes the nostrils to seem flared. His ears are quite flat and make for another unmemorable feature. His eyes however that sit above his pursed lips and slender nose are a magnificent green and take away from his average appearance. His lean athletic build also takes away from that sameness he displays on his face, even if it does suit his overall image down to a tee.


I have been described as an active, approachable and gregarious individual. Though I have also been told that I possess a sharp professionalism that lends a colder, more serious side to my persona. As with many things, my situational personality depends upon to whom I am speaking. - Dimitri Petrenko




February 2508
Born at Heavenly Mercy Hospital, Londinium.
April 2525
Drops out of high school.
May 2525
Enlists in the Alliance military.


"Knives that don't cut, spoons with a big hole in the bottom. It'd be easier just to use our fingers, except they give us water with food colouring instead of actual food." - On the Enlisted Mess conditions


  • Allergic to bees and peanuts. Suffers severe anaphylaxis if stung by a bee or consumes peanuts.
  • Speaks with a light, but noticeable Russio-Slavic accent.
  • Fluent in his native tongue of Russian.


How Dimitri sees people he knows. (Stolen from Samus)

Person Relationship Description
Aisha Commanding Officer, Good Friend Dimitri is loyal to Aisha above most else, even more than the Alliance lately...
Samus Friend Dimitri met this girl in the Temperance prison cells. Not a good start to a relationship for a squeaky clean Alliance Private. He eventually gets to know the girl and trust has begun to form between the two... And he'll touch her forks any day.
Quinn Acquaintance He doesn't really know this superior officer, but he does know his boss doesn't like her. He'll follow orders and generally stay out of the conflict, though.
Charley Superior, Friend The two have bonded a little during a rather relaxed exercise session where Petrenko fell and nearly broke his nose.
Alexa Comrade, Friend Working out and working hard, these two have built up a solid professional and personal relationship.

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