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How about a smile?

Everyone deserves a laugh and a smile.

  • Diantha
Full name Diantha
Date of Birth * 21.Apr.2513
  • Father: "Popzi" Maalik Favvian Zephyra
  • Mother: "Momzi" Fatima Ezerlle Zephyra
  • Xander 'Xan' Zephyra (Brother)
  • Zoya 'Zuzu' Zephyra (Sister)
Spouse No one can tame the Wind
Children N/A.
Assignment * The Last Mystic of the Arts from the Earth that was
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Eyes: Emerald
  • Hair: Auburn
Status Active
Education Information

  • Unknown
Employment History

Stage Performer at the Last Resort

  • TBA

Short History

Born on Paquin. Dia's parents moved to Shinbone for a quieter place to raise children. Dia is a traveling family of performers has seen ALL of Shinbone. However, she had eyes for the sky and didn't look back. Even though her parents wishes would be for her to settle down and continue the family tradition with a man of their choosing. Dia has no intention of heading home anytime soon.


  • 21.Apr.2513 - Born on Paquin
  • 14.Dec.2513 - Parents moved to Shinbone.
  • Dec 2536 - Hired for the Last Resort
  • Early April 2537 - MIA
  • 29.Jul.2537 - Reapperance on Beylix


"Everyone deserves a smile before their fire goes out."


A willowy, average height woman stands at about 5'7." She has a set of lush green eyes and long wild auburn hair. She has a comically large top hat perched on the top of her long locks. The hat is decorated with dried flowers. She has a overly large patchwork coat with brightly colored patches of different and unmatching patterns. Her boots are worn, but have a dulled color that was apparently a lush green at one point. She typically wears overly bagging, ill fitted colorful and intricate clothing, tied back or up with overly colorful ribbon or strips of patterned cloth. Patches vary from dragon, phoenix and even ivy patterns. Each patch is unique and handcrafted. The woman's long wavy wild locks cover most of her features as well as the large brim top hat. However, she has an adorable button nose and cupid's pout lips with soft pink. Her cheeks are flecked with a light dusting of freckles. The natural Bohemian look with littel to no makeup.


Hyperactive Bohemian Gypsy Spaz.

Persons of Interest

Sirus - Reversed Nine of Cups

Boris - Reversed Hanged Man

Luka - Upright Devil

Destari - This Aura is Cloudy

Luna - Upright Seven of Cups

Michio - Reversed Queen of Swords

Hal - This Aura is Cloudy

Tara - Upright The Moon

Ambrose - Reversed King of Swords

Ansiel - Upright Ten of Swords

RP Hooks

  • Performer of the Mystic Arts from the Earth that was.
  • Is always looking for a way to make money or a way to travel
  • Can read tarot to find your thread in the tapestry of life.
  • Firebreather
  • Is attempting to stall her arrange marriage by any means possible.


  • At the age of 7 she was hired to keep a sick little girl company while dressed as a clown for 6 months by a family with some wealth.
  • Has a stuffed animal owl, named Sir Owlsey. Who is Knighted! That's a Ho-ho-Hoot!


Keep Moving Traveler Girl Crash Nomada - From Town to Town

Let me paint you a smile. Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

It's a lifestyle Gogol Bordello- Wonderlust King

A girl needs something to let the life blood flow Caitlin De Ville - Bailando

In the old time.. it was not a crime! Read me my rights! Gogol Bordello - "Not A Crime"

Performers life is one long escapade Janet Jackson - Escapade

Happiness of Others is most important Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love