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Full name Diana Gallo
Birthplace Bellerophon
Parents Father:


Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment The Catalyst
Specialization Engineer
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'2", 128 lbs
Education Information

University (Osiris)

Military Service



This petite blonde would have to walk on tip-toes to reach five and a half feet tall, showing that good things -do- come in small packages. Having the fine bone structure of a classic beauty, Diana's skin is almost too smooth; a woman who certainly takes good care of herself. Her eyes are mostly hidden behind large, violet lenses set in circular, black frames. When she peers over the glasses, however, Diana shows large, expressive eyes as blue as a Sihnon sky beneath dark brows. Makeup is tastefully applied, a bit of color to her cheeks with her full lips a very natural pink and often drawn back in a small, private smile. Her long, straw-colored locks are pulled back from her face in a ponytail that spills down to just past her shoulderblades, showing earlobes that are simply adorned with small, golden rings.

The cream colored tanktop fits snugly over her figure, the neat cotton fabric thrust into the waist of dark blue jeans. The denim is in good order, if not new, and the jeans fit so well that they could have been tailor made for her. The jeans are tucked into low-heeled boots of dark, chocolate brown that rise to just below the knee. A leather jacket is slipped on when she's not working, kid-soft and caramel in color. It's tailored like a sports coat and covers just to her hips.


Diana is more of an introvert than anything else. Some of that comes from being naive to much of the Verse outside the Core. She also likes being 'in the zone' when she's tinkering with machines, and tends to shut people out in order to focus. It's not like she -can't- carry on a conversation or be sociable, it just takes a little bit to draw her out at first. Once she forms friendships, however, they are life-long. Diana is definitely a follower. Perhaps because of her high-class upbringing, she tries to stay out of the limelight.


All of this is OOC knowledge unless she shares it with you, please! Taken from my app.

Diana grew up on one of Bellerophon's many estates, with a silver spoon in her mouth. Spoiled and sheltered, her only escape during her early tutoring was the martial arts training that her father insisted upon, much to her mother's dismay. A very bright child, Diana was accepted at the university on Osiris. Her family's intention was for her to study law, however she was much more facinated by ships and technology, and switched to a more technical base of study without their knowledge.

She was at the university after the war had settled but nothing else had quite managed to. Diana tried to get her hands on every scrap of news data she could find, about it. Finding it both curious and unsettling, she realized just how little she really knew about the Verse outside the core. Completing her degree, it was time to fess up to her parents about what she'd been doing with the money they'd sent her for education. To say they weren't happy is an understatement. While she wasn't exactly disowned, she wasn't invited back to the family estate, either. So Diana left Osiris in search of a place where she could ply her skills, and soon discovered there were almost always ships in need of skilled techs.

Diana's parents are among the elite of the Verse, living in their Bellerophon estate all to themselves with but a few dozen servants to tend to their every whim. And they made sure their only daughter grew up with all of the finest luxuries, while at the same time they very stringently outlined her future for her. She was to study Law, then go into the family business. Diana never really found out exactly -what- the family business was, since none of the family ever seemed to spend much time doing it. Of the two, her mother tried to establish a strict educational regimen for the girl. It was her father's indulgence, however, to permit a martial arts for Diana. She later suspected that he wanted a son, instead.

The most pivotal point in Diana's life was when she defied her parents and changed her course of study at University. They wanted her to be a lawyer, to remain with the family and perpetuate the family business. However, once she left her sheltered home life and began making decisions on her own at University, she took a couple of technical classes because the sounded interesting. She discovered her true passion was not one for the law, but for machines.

Diana managed to keep her change in educational course secret from her parents during much of her time away at University. Once they realized that she defied them, they didn't so much as expel her from the family as -not- invite her back to Bellerophon. She signed on with a small transport, agreeing to work for passage, and ended up staying on for several months assisting with Engineering. Once she left that ship's service, Diana signed on with another, larger one. She skipped around between ships for a while, trying to find one that 'feels' like home.

Current Events

Diana bounced from ship to ship, searching for something solid in her life. That's when she met Cloe Trea. The Companion swept Diana up into a bright, sparkly world where everything was soft and warm and luxurious. They lived on the White Rose, and everything was perfect. At least until it all unravelled. Cloe left suddenly, and then Diana was lost. Leaving the Rose, she wandered from port to port until she crawled into a bottle.

It took a couple years, but Diana dried out. Clean and sober for six months, she signed on as Engineer aboard the Catalyst.

It seemed like Diana was just settling in with the crew of the Catalyst when she suddenly gave notice and left. All she would say was that a 'personal matter' came up that she had to take care of. Promising to keep in touch with the Captain, she disembarked on Persephone and went off the grid.

Most recently, Diana surfaced again in the Rim. Having upgraded her clothing somewhere, she knocked around Persephone for a while. Landing in Silverhold, she's signed on with Ugly Duckling Corporation as an Engineer.