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Full name Devlin Camden Delaney
Date of Birth January 3, 2493
Birthplace New Shannon, Greenleaf
Parents Father: Camden
Mother: Katherine
Spouse Feria Delaney
Children N/A
Assignment Pirate Commonweal
Specialization Cooking
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Red hair, Blue Eyes
Height and Weight 6' & 180 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

General School

Employment History



  • Standing at a touch over six feet, the man before you walks with a assuredness and grace who's efficiency in his movement must help in how quietly he moves. Not overly muscular in fact a bit on the lean side, being 180 lbs he doesn't have very much fat on his body. His slightly pale complexion also seems to stand out with fiery red hair that is almost shoulder length, the front of which is pulled back into a tail to keep out of his eyes, the back left loose. A single braid is left descending by his left ear. His eyes would be the other notable feature, a piercing deep blue that seems to take in everything about him, though the look on his face overall tends to show a bit of fatigue.
  • Presently he's wearing a mostly black attire, boots, shirt, pants, leather duster and even some black leather gloves to cover his hands. They seem to be kept in good condition though it has seen definite use.


  • Devlin is somewhat reserved and perhaps a little quiet until he gets to know you. That is unless you start talking about food, in which case he'll become far more exuberant and talk your ear off. He has a penchant for dressing only in black, and always seems to have a lack of sleep. When faced with the possibility of violent confrontation, his demeanor shifts from friendly to cold and calculating, his intense blue eyes giving off a deadly look to any who may be about to cause him or those he cares about harm. He always walks and moves quietly and gracefully, as if he's practiced for years to be efficient in his movements. Finally, though a bit quiet, he occasionally has been known to have a sense of humor.


  • Well where to begin? Born to some loving parents, Camden and Katherine Delaney, as Irish as any can be. Hell we'd speak Gaelic more around the house than English sometimes. Mom never recovered fully after having me, though she managed to make it long enough for me to have a few fond memories of her. Dad's always fight with their sons some but I think that made it a lot worse, especially since I didn't really want to be a carpenter like he was. I'd hide out at the MacNamara's place, course not often cause Neve was born and they had their hands full. Still I'd learn to cook a bit from Mrs. MacNamara when I could come by. Was just tough cause they were real protective of Neve.
  • So Shigato seemed to take me under his wing when I needed 'time apart' from Da. At the Kimura residence Shigato took me in like his own son, and trained me in their ways and lifestyle, language and even what the various family members knew of Akido, Karate, and Jujitsu. Maybe it was cause of my natural talent at them, maybe because I was so quick, or because I could use my left as good as my right, or maybe cause I was just respectful and in awe of him, but Shigato was everything Da wasn't. That's calm, centered, and he'd listen. Hell his wife would even teach me to cook some of their style food, which tasted pretty good. I was still young when the Unification war broke out but not too young, and before the war ended I proved to them my worth and they took me, even if I was still practically a kid. Much as I wanted to help, I'd take it all back. I saw more death in just that little bit of time during the war than I figure anyone should. My commanding officer became my mentor, and 'Quinn' taught me everything there was in his unit about sneaking in, blowing up whatever or killing whoever needed to buy it, and getting out We never spoke on mission, only sign language to make sure we'd never make a sound. But our last mission was a total wreck and I don't know if he or anyone made it. I still have nightmares over it.
  • Was kinda in a haze, and ended up starting to cook for people, for my Da when I came home, though I felt we had grown father apart. Didn't help I was extra on edge, I almost never slept. Neve was gone, her parents killed... I stayed with Shigato for awhile, but then Neve came back to help someone close to her, and after seeing her awhile she's done wonders for me. She's family to me, and I wanna make sure I'm here for her. I don't wanna kill anyone else if I have to, so I've been putting all the cooking I've learned either during the war, or with family, to use and going to cook for people for people from now on. Lot less dangerous a profession, and calms the mind a bit.