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And through every gust of wind into which my breath disappears, I breathe the breath that has been breathed by each fox and roe and mouse in the forest, air that has moved through the leaves of the trees, that spills out into the stillness of dusk in the song of the wren and the call of the buzzard who rides the thermals above us all. -Emma Restall Orr

Full name Destari Raine Clayton
Date of Birth 07/27/2510
Birthplace Jiangyin
Parents Mother Nature
Siblings Too numerous to name
Spouse There is no such thing
Children none
Assignment Caretaker of the 'Verse
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Pale green/very blonde
Status Active


The span of a life is short. Mine has been but a few milimeters of a tree who stands so tall it nearly touches the sky. To try to claim any part of it to be significant would be ridiculous, but as far as insignficance goes, I suppose mine is as normal as the next. Jiangyin has been my home since birth, and to file it down to a finer point, the community of Freedom has been my home as long as I can remember. Celia, the woman who raised me, along with Jon, her lifemate, got me when I was very small, a gift, they said, though at times I think they might have thought otherwise. I am told I have a terrible rebellious streak, or did.

We had lessons like kids in regular schools but we also learned to live in harmony with nature, taking no more than is needed, giving back what is taken, protecting it from those who are too stupid to know the difference. We eat what we grow, trade our goods for things we can't make, sometimes take what we need, if we have to. And it isn't stealing, it is teaching the other person to share, that's what Jon says. We learn to defend ourselves, but no guns. We do not believe in using the nasty things, an abomination they are. Some might call us 'rangers' or 'druids'.. learning to walk with the animals, talk with the animals, knowing the difference in a pin oak and a white oak, following a rabbit without making a sound, we survive. We don't only survive, we also make our own mead and other liquors, and have recently had an increase in demand for our 'herbal remedies'. We might not have a 'doctor' attached to our name but we know how to make the pain stop. Personally, it helps me sleep and thankfully so, I haven't slept right since I was very young, even when my eyes are closed I see like it's day time, or so it seems to me. At least with the herbs, I can rest a little.

Oh yes, the history of my life, well, it is still being written, and the longer I remain here and look back on it to write it down, the more that slips past me unfulfilled. Always look ahead, you can't change the past, it is what it is.

Recent Events

Recent Events-nothing other than leaving home to see the rest of the 'verse we are to protect


Destari is...

  • Naive - her exposure to the 'verse beyond her kin is very limited, she knows all of you take nature for granted and waste what is given to you, and you must be taught to do right.
  • Wary - outsiders are teachable but not to be trusted.
  • Quirky - no really.. a modern day druid mix.. yeah, she has quirks, for example, ants can be quite fascinating. Don't you dare kill them.

RP Hooks

  • Nature - she considers herself a guardian of it
  • Her hair is very blonde and long, it doesn't look to be dyed, either, it's natural.
  • She has a great laugh, when she laughs.
  • Dancing - sometimes even her means of egress from one place to another is dance-like.
  • Liquor - she knows her way around a bar, though her most accurate knowledge is how to make mead and other liquors.
  • Animals - she has a way of handling them that while compared skill to skill, isn't all that much better than anyone with animal training but.. she's had no training, other than her lifestyle, she communicates with them in her own way.