Desree Briar "Dez" Attock

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Dez Attock
Full name Desree Briar Attock
Date of Birth June 13, 2496
Parents Father Unknown, Jaxim "Jax" Attock (Mother)
Siblings None
Spouse Single
Assignment Twisted Halo - Pilot
Specialization Piloting, navigating, sidearms.
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair One olive green, the other hazel/Dark brown
Height and Weight 5'8"/137lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History
Personal Notes

Blood Type: AB+
Age: 27


Dark chocolate brown hair gleams full and thick, falling to her shoulder blades. It hue lends itself to the warm tan of her skin. Her face is a softened square, beset with mismatched eyes. One a hazel, the other a soft olive green. Her brows arch faintly at the tips of her eyes and thick lashes rim the orbs. Her nose is small and gives just a tip up at the end to rest over full lips of a dusky mauve. She is just over average height, nearing about five and eight inches. Slender, her upper body carries a good deal of tone.

Personality and Demeanor

Dez, Dezzie, Briar, or Little Briar is a girl of basically one mood, eternal humor. More often than not she can always find something to smile about and prefers it that way. Too many things to cry and linger on to let it weigh down her life. Dez treasures life above all else and will choose not to carry a firearm unless she absolutely has to. A wild and carefree spirit, she is an eternal eighteen year old stuck in an older body. She is always there for her friends and holds tightly to those she calls family. When a problem arises, she is most often on the outside looking in and trying to fix it. If there is nothing good to be said, she often does not say it but when force is called for, she will defend those she cares about vehemently.

When Dez finally let in to her darker and deeper sorrow, it is when she is alone. Her memories plague her even in her waking hours and she can be caught murmuring something sometimes having daymares if you will. The tall woman is also claustrophobic and has problems in a lot of smaller ships, though years on a Harpoon has helped her except for extremely tight spaces.

Character Biography