Derek Bannon

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Full name Derek M Bannon
Date of Birth Sep-21-2493
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Marry and Sam Bannon
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Bengalo Draba
Specialization Chef
Gender male
Eyes and Hair black hair with some gray and black eyes
Height and Weight 5'9" 120 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information

Londinium Chef school of cooking

Military Service


Employment History

Ship's cook for the Twisted Halo
Ship's cook for the Bengalo Draba

Personal Notes

He had only one leg and walks on a crutch


Standing here is a tall man around 5'9" he has black hair and peering eyes he has a beard and moustache combo on his face, part of it has gone gray with age and stress he has a beak like a nose that doesn't stick out that far. His eye brows are thick and when he's in heavy though they lift up sightly from the ends. He's dressed somewhat in the style of a pirate or merchant marine captain of from the history of earth-that-was. The most outstanding part of his outfit is a red frock coat that reaches to his knees and has a double row of gold buttons down the front. Beneath this he wears a black shirt with a high collar and white crevat to match. Diagonally across his chest is a leather sash belt with a large and fancy gold buckle. His pants are also in style and bell out at the bottoms. He is wearing only one boots seeing his other leg has been amputated just above the knee, but the one boot is black and very shinny like it's been scrubbed long and hard.

Background - PC

Derek was born to Marry and Sam Bannon in the little area on the planet Londinium, he was a quiet baby and that never grew out of him even when he became a teenager. As a child he learned to stay away from the bigger boys and read most of the time about cooking. Derek wanted to leave this rock he was on and see the world and become a Master chef. Derek went school like all the other kids but didn't get along with others, until he meets Andre. They became good friends after one of the bigger boys picked on Derek, and Andre came and saved. Derek grew up and kept going to school with his friend Andre, until one day when he was walking home from school, he saw somebody getting beat up. So Derek ran to try and help, and saw it was his friend Andre. The bullies attacked Derek too and they cut off his leg for interfering with them. Derek laid next to his friend, who was bleeding heavily, and tried to call for help but nobody came. Tears were running down Derek's face as he watched his friend bleed to death. When somebody finally came, it was too late and he was dead. The next couple of days was like hell for Derek he would have to walk with a crutches for the rest of his life, Derek grew up into a strife looking man and everybody stared at him as he walk by but he din't mind and after got his high school diploma he left and when to cooking school, one day as he was ask to bring some stuff from the cooler he was locked in as a prank from his fellow students all night and he became scared of closed places from them on, soon as he graduated from cooking school he left to see his place in the universe.