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Department of Alliance Security (DAS)
Headquarters: Londinium
Branch: Civilian
Scope: Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Anti-Terrorism
Hiring: Yes
Secretary: Jack Keegan (NPC)
Director, ACI: Unnamed NPC
Director, Interpol: Brennart Henderson


Please note that in early 2535, the Department of Alliance Security was offically disbanded and merged with the Department of War to form the Department of Security, an overarching Department that oversees both Civilian and Military Forces

The Department of Alliance Security was created in the summer of 2528 to help coordinate all law enforcement activities for the government. Previously, the Interpol (Interplanetary Police) would work with government intelligence agencies, while Federal Marshals and Border Patrol would work their own individual fiefdoms. The Alliance Sub-Committee On Justice, after a one year audit and survey, realized that efficiencies could be gained by putting all these operational tasks under one roof. The decision was made to create a new Department, equal in weight to the Department of War and the Department of State and headed by a Secretary, acting as a Minister of the Parliament (and given the weight of a title of 'Lord' as well.) This Secretary, a voting member of the Parliament, would head two separate sub-directorates: Interpol and Alliance Central Intelligence (ACI).

The DAS' first Secretary was Count Salin Fawzy, the first Director of Interpol was Ellie Quinn and the first Director of ACI was Duke Damian Carmichael. Count Fawzy quit in an argument over jurisdiction with the Sub-Committee that he reports to. Duke Carmichael left with him, and was succeeded as Director of ACI by Calira Dumont. The new Secretary (NPC) was temporary, and pushed out when news of serious security leaks in the fall and winter of that year came to light. He retired in disgrace, replaced with Baron Rokusaburo Michiba who left in early 2529 to be replaced by Lawrence Young, former career law enforcement representative.

In April 2529, the DAS suffered a huge blow to morale and image when the Director of Interpol (Ellie Quinn) assisted with the escape of a high profile prisoner (Lareina Pirata) and was later learned to have leaked sensitive and classified information to Frost on at least two occasions within the previous year. Brennart Henderson was appointed to serve as Interim Director of Interpol during the manhunt and investigation that followed. In June 2529, he was granted the position outright.

In December 2531, Calira Dumont Rokusaburo retired from her position as Director of ACI.

In April 2534, Secretary Young (NPC) left the DAS to pursue an opportunity in the private sector. Jack Keenan (NPC) was appointed to the office of the Secretary.


The DAS is comprised of two primary divisions: Alliance Central Intelligence (ACI) and Interpol. Working both separately and together, they are the Verse's premier crime-fighting and prevention force. Each division has several divisions under its purview, though all divisions work in concert to achieve mission goals.

Breakdown of the divisions:

Alliance Central Intelligence (ACI)
ACI is the Intelligence arm of the DAS. Their specialties are information gathering, analysis, anti-terrorism, technology and special operations.
Department of Engineering and Technology
The Department of Engineering and Technology (sometimes called the DoT) specializes in engineering & technology pursuant to intelligence gathering/operations and law enforcement. This division handles not only the upkeep and maintenance of DAS vehicles and equipment but also research & development of new crime-fighting terrorist-thwarting technology.
Special Activities Division (SAD)
The Special Activities Division is where the intel hits the road. They take care of 'special' assignments both overt and covert. Some SAD agents work undercover on long-term assignments, while others may only go undercover as needed; some never do at all. SAD sometimes partners with SRT for joint missions, as their intelligence, contacts and experience can be extremely valuable.
Interpol is the Law Enforcement arm of the DAS. This is the interplanetary police force. They specialize in law enforcement in all its forms, from patrol officers to detectives and CSI techs.
Field Investigations/CSI
Field Investigations/CSI specializes in the investigation of crimes and identification/apprehension of suspects. A department within this division also handles routine safety inspections.
The Operations/Medical division covers medical services for all DAS personnel as well as administrative support. Doctors (and other medical experts) employed by the DAS are also often called upon to consult during investigations and testify at trials as expert witnesses. Sometimes they're even needed to tag along on field operations.
Special Response Team (SRT)
The Special Response Team is a group of Interpol officers who have received special training and undertake high-risk operations that fall outside of the abilities/training of the average cop. Their operations may include: confronting heavily-armed criminals; performing hostage rescue and counter-terrorism operations; high risk arrests and; entering armored or barricaded buildings. Any Interpol agent is eligible to apply to the SRT; it is considered a part-time as-needed gig alongside their day to day work, though they frequently conduct training missions to keep their skills sharp. Membership to this elite arm of Interpol is considered an honor or a mark of insanity, depending on who you ask.

Chain of Command

The Directors of ACI and Interpol report to the Secretary of DAS. The rank structure for ACI and Interpol are as follows:


  • Director
  • Section Chief
  • Division Chief
  • Special Agent
  • Agent
  • Senior Analyst == Specialist (DoT only)
  • Analyst

  • Director
  • Inspector
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant == Senior Doctor (Medical only)
  • Sergeant == Doctor (Medical only)
  • Detective
  • Constable


Standard Kit for all personnel:

Senior Officers Kit (Sergeant & above):

Special Response Team Kit (in addition to standard kit):

ACI Covert Operations Kit:

Additional Gear Given per Assignment:


Several ships from the vast Alliance fleet have been earmarked for ongoing DAS use. Depending upon special operation parameters, other ships may be available to the DAS temporarily. It's not unheard of for DAS personnel to hitch a ride from a random Alliance ship headed in the direction they need to go. The DAS is an extremely mobile organization, able to move about the Verse as rapidly as modern space travel allows.

Current DAS ships:

Note: These ships are for DAS business/missions only and should not be used for cargo hauling.