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Full name Delilah Bridget Gilchrist
Date of Birth June 8th, 2499
Parents Abraham Nathaniel Gilchrist, father. Rebecca Faith Gilchrist, mother (deceased).
Siblings None
Assignment Chef, Chaos Theory
Specialization Cooking
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Red hair
Height and Weight 5'5, 145 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • None formal
Employment History

Delilah is the Chef of the Chaos Theory.



OOC: This timeline is a list of events which are important to Delilah's character development, not always a list of things that would be important to other people.

  • 2479 - Abraham Gilchrist born
  • 2481 - Rebecca Larne born
  • 2498 - (December) Abraham and Rebecca meet and marry
  • 2499 - (March) They move to Lilac with Abraham's brother Jacob and sister-in-law Marina, and open a restaurant in the lower half of their home.
  • 2499 - (June 9th) Delilah is born on Lilac
  • 2501 - Jacob and Marina's daughter Naomi, Delilah’s cousin, is born on Lilac
  • 2517 - Reavers begin attacking nearby settlements, no one knows what they are or where they came from. Abraham and Rebecca worry about Delilah growing up in this environment, and start saving money to send her away.
  • 2521 - (June 9th) Huge celebration involving the entire town for Delilah’s 22nd birthday is held, her parents inform her she’ll be leaving within the next few days to make a living off of Lilac, due to the Reaver attacks. Delilah takes her parents’ savings and makes her way to Persephone.
  • 2521 - (June 10th) Delilah meets Talon in a back alley; he helps her find a place to stay
  • 2521 - (June 12th) Delilah is hired as chef on the Chaos Theory
  • 2521 - (June 27th) Delilah goes on a date with Talon, who tries to sleep with her. This is not something she is receptive to, and Talon leaves, flustered.
  • 2521 - (July 4th) Delilah gets a WAVE from her family announcing that her cousin Naomi is getting married, and Captain Sujiko agrees to fly the Theory to Lilac so she can attend. The crew meets Delilah’s friends and family.
  • 2521 - (July 6th) Wedding is interrupted by a Reaver attack. Naomi and Rebecca are killed by Reavers, Jacob commits suicide after his daughter dies. Delilah is hit by a piece of falling ship and has her legs crushed, also suffering from a concussion. The Theory loads the wounded into their cargo bay and takes off for Ariel.
  • 2521 - (July 7th) Chaos Theory lands on Ariel despite protests from landing control. The Alliance refuses to believe the story that the wounded have been attacked by Reavers, and begin investigating foul play. Delilah (who is in a coma) and Matty are transferred to the local hospital, St. Mary's, and begin to recover.
  • 2521 - (July 8th) Delilah wakes up from her coma and has no memory of anything after landing on Persephone. Over the next few days, she slowly begins to regain her memory. Ashlyn's brother James visits after hearing of the controversy regarding the Theory, and Delilah begins to form a friendship with him.
  • 2521 - (September 12th) Delilah attempts to kiss James, feeling a connection with him from the bond they formed while she recovered. He rejects her, saying she isn’t his type.
  • 2521 - (September 14th) James informs Delilah he is leaving the Theory, because there is a bounty on his head due to a noble named Ryans wanting him dead. He kisses her before he goes, leaving her confused.
  • 2521 - (September 16th) Captain Sujiko leaves Matty in charge of the Theory to attend an engineering school.
  • 2521 - (October 14th) Matty comes to Delilah and admits that she has a drinking problem. Delilah agrees to be Matty's sponsor, and Matty leaves Ashlyn in charge, which is meant to be a temporary change.
  • 2521 - (November) After a few WAVE conversations back and forth, Delilah decides to surprise James on Jiangyin, where he has been hiding. The visit goes well until Delilah finds out that James has lied to her about sleeping with women after his wife died, and she runs back to the Theory.
  • 2521 - (November 27th) James comes to the Theory for Thanksgiving, and Delilah is extremely uncomfortable. In response, she leaves for Lilac to visit her father for Christmas.
  • 2521 - (December) Sujiko steps down permanently as Captain of the Theory, and Ashlyn is officially given command.
  • 2521 - (December 29th) Delilah returns from Lilac, where a recent Reaver attack knocked out their Cortex connection. She is informed that James has died, due to the security hand Morris working for Ryans. She does not take this news well. She sends a frantic WAVE to Talon and begins to speak with him once more.
  • 2522 - (January 6th) Due to her fragile state, she picks fights with various crew members, which leads to her finally running away to stay on the Invictus while she figures out how she feels.
  • 2522 - (January 25th) Delilah and the crew of the Invictus are attacked by Reavers during a mercy mission on a ship full of children being used as slaves. Delilah is shot in the stomach, and confined to the medbay. After speaking with Alabaster Smith and the crew of the Chaos Theory, Delilah decides to return to the ship – but not before watching someone slowly die before her eyes. Delilah begins to crack mentally.
  • 2522 - (January 30th) Talon visits Delilah in the Theory medbay and admits to her that he is not the virgin she assumed he was. She tells him that due to her recent talk with Alabaster, she’s not even sure if that should still matter to her anymore, and she wants a relationship. He tells her he doesn’t know if he can do this, and leaves once again.
  • 2522 - (February 8th) Jason's ex, Mira, verbally attacks Delilah, Ashlyn, and the visiting Talon, who was bringing Delilah flowers as an apology. Mira has apparently caused physical harm to Bishop recently, and she threatens everyone present as well.
  • 2522 - (February 15th) The Theory flies out to Hera to visit Ashlyn's family and go through James' belongings. Talon flies with the ship in order to keep an eye on Delilah. Many of the crew find something of James' to remember him by – Delilah takes his bomber coat and some pictures of them on Jiangyin.
  • 2522 - (February 23rd) Talon and Delilah talk in Serenity Valley, and he agrees to attempt a real relationship with her, if he can.

Pre-PC History

Delilah's family moved to Lilac while her mother was still pregnant with her. They'd saved all their money from their wedding and working various jobs in order to purchase a small plot of land to farm on the extremely small area of Lilac that was livable. Lilac is the only place Delilah had ever known. She was the first baby born there, although her uncle (father's brother) and his wife arrived soon after, and gave birth to a daughter named Naomi.

They lived in a very small town, the only town for many miles, in fact, since the areas where vegetation could grow on Lilac were spaced so far apart. Delilah's uncle, Jacob, became the pastor, and her family slowly built a restaurant on the edge of town, where people could always find laughter, fellowship, and good food, even when they were down on their luck and out of money.

Reports of Reaver attacks were always heard with shock and fear, the locations of the attacks seeming to get closer and closer each year. In fact, some of the towns across Lilac were hit, though they were all on the other side of the planet. Reavers made folks nervous, but not nervous enough to scrape up the credits to move off-world again.

However, that's exactly what Delilah's parents did. They spent many years saving their money as best they could secretly, not allowing Delilah to know. During her years on Lilac, she was happy, raised in the Christian faith, and taught how to cook by her mother. It didn't take long for Delilah to be inventing dishes on her own, making suggestions about how the restaurant was ran, and often running the place on her own a night here and there, allowing her parents a few precious nights off.

Her father had a slight obsession with Earth-That-Was history and culture, which he passed down to his daughter any chance he got. Already the main choir singer in the small church, she began to learn Earth-That-Was songs, collecting as many of the sheet music reprints as she could. She also began reading Earth-That-Was literature, and finding old cookbooks, as well.

On Delilah's 22nd birthday, the entire town had a big celebration, since she was adored by all as their brightest star. Unknown to Delilah, it was actually a farewell party, because her parents pulled her aside that night and informed her that she would be on a transport ship the next morning, heading anywhere she wished. They were not comfortable keeping Delilah on Lilac with the Reavers getting closer with each attack, and they had saved to be able to send her off-world. She wasn't particularly pleased, but having been raised as a respectful, Christian daughter, she complied, and set off for Persephone.

PC History

Delilah arrived on Persephone alone and very unfamiliar with the Verse and how one survives in it. She meets a man named Talon, who tells her "You gotta learn something about these worlds, fast, or you might end up gettin' hurt in more ways than you can imagine, little lady." As soon as she realizes he's a Browncoat, (her father told her as a child to marry one, as they are the best kind of men in his opinion) and given the way he helps her, she soon decides she wants to be in a relationship with him.

Log of Delilah meeting Talon

While searching the Employment area of the Cortex, Delilah comes across an ad saying the Chaos Theory is looking to hire a cook. After meeting both Matty and Sujiko, and cooking ham and potato soup as an 'audition', she gets the job.

Log of Delilah getting hired

After spending time together, and Delilah kissing Talon (which does not go well, as he tells her, "I just feel like you haven't a clue in the 'Verse what's going on sometimes."), she finally gets him to take her on her first real date. After a fancy dinner, and a run-in where Talon is pickpocketed, the night ends in Delilah's cabin, where it becomes clear Talon is expecting something Delilah is not willing to give before marriage. Talon leaves in a hurry, and Delilah is devastated. They send WAVEs back and forth for a while, but do not see each other again for quite some time.

Log of Delilah kissing Talon for the first time

Logs of their date, the auction/pickpocket, and back in Delilah's room

Delilah's mother Rebecca sends her a WAVE letting her know that her cousin Naomi will be getting married in a few days. After mentioning this in passing to Sujiko, he announces that the crew could use some time off, and that Delilah will be able to attend the wedding after all. Everyone meets Abraham and Rebecca, and dines at Delilah's family's restaurant. The next day, during the wedding, two Reaver ships attack. Many of the townspeople are wounded or dead, including Naomi, the bride, and Rebecca, Delilah's mother. Upon seeing his daughter dead in her wedding dress, Delilah's uncle Jacob - the town's pastor - shoots himself in the head and commits suicide in front of all. Matty is shot, and Delilah is hit by a falling piece of Reaver ship. This not only crushes her legs, but causes her to crack her head on the ground, resulting in a massive concussion and coma.

Sidenote: Before Naomi dies, she imparts to Delilah that she was pregnant. There was also speculation that the father was a married man in the town, not her groom.

Logs of the initial Lilac visit, and the Reaver attacks

After loading every badly wounded person into their cargo bay, due to the lack of proper medical facilities on Lilac, the Theory heads to Ariel, where they land in spite of protests by the landing officials. No one in the Alliance believes that the wounded were caused by a Reaver attack, and the Chaos Theory is put under investigation. Delilah and Matty are taken to St. Mary's hospital, where Delilah wakes up to remember nothing of her life after leaving Lilac initially. She slowly regains her memory, and begins to develop feelings for [[Ashlyn}Ashlyn's]] brother James Tanner, as he is the only one who does not remember her before the attack and memory loss.

Log of landing on Ariel

Log of Delilah waking up with limited memory

Log of James and Delilah taking a walk on Ariel

Back on the Theory and recovering, Delilah is shoved out of her wheelchair by an angry woman on the Docks. James carries her back inside, and Delilah starts to kiss him as he carries her inside. James rejects her as well, telling her, "Look, Delilah, it ain't as yer not a nice girl...But I'm fairly sure I ain't what yer lookin' for." The issue is dropped, and they agree to remain friends. Delilah goes back to Ariel for some physical therapy with her legs, and while she is gone, James informs the rest of the crew that there is a hit out for him regarding his involvement with a noble names Charles Ryans. Delilah returns as James is leaving, and after explaining to her why he must go, he surprises her by kissing her and then walking away.

Log of Delilah getting knocked out of her chair and trying to kiss James

Log of James having a change of heart and kissing Delilah

Sujiko leaves to attend an engineering school, and Matty is left acting Captain. The crew soon discover that the same noble who put a hit on James has now placed one on Matty, as well. Delilah confronts an increasingly unstable Matty about her attitude lately, which eventually leads to Matty admitting some personal issues from the past, and finally her admitting that she has a serious drinking problem. Delilah agrees to be Matty's sponsor, and help her get through this rough time.

Log to Matty informing crew there's a hit out for her

Log of Matty admitting some deep personal problems to Delilah

Log of Matty admitting her drinking problem

Delilah and James exchange WAVEs after Delilah gets some sense talked into her by Ashlyn. After Delilah accuses James of dumping the burden of their kiss on her, he agrees to meet her on Lilac for a week. She, however, decides to surprise him early on Jiangyin.

Log I of Delilah and Ashlyn's talk

Log II of Delilah and Ashlyn's talk

Log of James and Delilah's Live WAVE feed

Delilah arrives on Jiangyin and stays with James in his cabin. They discuss his dead wife and whether Delilah can come to terms with the fact that he has been married before in order to have a relationship with him. After an encounter with a rude woman at a local bonfire, Delilah tries to force herself to sleep with James, though she rushes out after coming to the conclusion that she cannot violate her morals. In the morning, James visits her to say goodbye, and admits to her that he lead her to believe he was chaste after his wife died, which is not true. Delilah decides once and for all that she cannot get over his betrayal of her trust, and she returns to the Chaos Theory.

Log I of Delilah's visit with James

Log II of Delilah's visit with James

Log III of Delilah's visit with James

James comes to the Theory to visit Ashlyn and the crew for Thanksgiving, and despite Delilah's best efforts to make James jealous by flirting with Laurent Passe, James is unfazed and she is too uncomfortable to stay on the ship. She leaves for Lilac to spend Christmas with her father, and is out of touch with the ship while gone due to a recent Reaver attack knocking out the Cortex connection there. Upon her return, she learns that the ship's security officer, Charles Morris, has caused an explosion in the engine room which killed James, and then killed himself. Delilah calls out to Talon frantically and begins talking to him again in an effort to have him in her life.

Log of Thanksgiving

Log of Delilah being told James has died

Log of Delilah and Talon meeting once again

Delilah begins to fall apart, picking fights with anyone in sight, especially Matty. After a discussion with Athene as to Delilah's plan for personal growth, Delilah decides that staying on the ship will make it impossible to solve her personal problems, and she runs away to the Invictus. While there, she and the crew of the Invictus board another ship, apparently a slaver ship full of children, which has also been boarded and attacked by [[]Reaver]s. In the ensuing battle, Delilah is shot in the stomach by a Reaver, and the Invictus is destroyed, forcing the crew to live on the slaver ship, which is cleaned out and renamed Redemption.

Log of Delilah and Matty fighting

Log of Delilah running away

Log I of the Reaver attack

Log II of the Reaver attack

While confined to the medbay, Delilah has a discussion with Alabaster Smith, the Redemption's preacher, about her doubts with her faith, God, and chastity. The preacher tells her that God does not value virginity as much as He does ", and faith, and togetherness." She accepts this as the preacher says it, but thinks on it afterwards and begins to fall apart, not understanding how a man of God could say something so against everything she ever learned in her religion. Before she is transferred from the Redemption, Delilah watches a woman die directly in front of her, which is the last straw. She begins to break down mentally, the strain of losing James, feeling like she lost her friendships with the crew, seeing Reavers ravage little children, getting shot, and then doubting her own religion - the very thing she bases everything she does on - finally causing her to snap.

Log with Alabaster

Log of Delilah zoned out in the medbay

Talon hears about Delilah being wounded by Reavers and visits her in the medbay, where she refuses to speak to him unless he tells her if he's a virgin or not. He finally admits he is not. She explains to him that she doesn't understand how she feels anymore, and she doesn't know if this is possible, but she'd like to try to get over the fact that he has slept with women in the past and have a relationship, because James' death has shown her how short life is. She admits that she loves him, and true to form, Talon runs away once more.

Log of Talon and Delilah in the medbay

While outside the ship for a chance to stretch her muscles with Ashlyn, Talon shows up with a huge bunch of yellow rose as an apology gift for Delilah. As they all begin to talk, a woman named Mira suddenly appears from among the cargo crates around the ship. After being grossly insulted, Delilah gathers that this woman is Bishop's ex, who claims to be his wife. She has caused physical harm to Bishop in the past, and is threatening harm to those on the ship now. Ashlyn runs her off, and they board the ship, with Talon agreeing to stay for now.

Log of Mira

The Theory flies out to visit Ashlyn's family on Hera, and to sort through James' things, which are packed into boxes. Delilah is very uncomfortable around the Tanners, dwelling on the idea that she was nearly their daughter-in-law. While going through the boxes in James' old cabin, along with the other possessions that give the crew a sense of peace about his death, Delilah finds his bomber coat, and a few pictures taken of them at the bonfire on Jiangyin. With healing heart regarding losing James, Delilah looks for Talon, finding him at the graves in Serenity Valley. After repeating her reassurances that she wants to attempt to look beyond his past and begin a life with him, Talon finally agrees to try his best.

Log of James' possessions

Log at Serenity Valley

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