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Michael Dean
Full name Michael Dean
Date of Birth November 20th, 2500
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Dochasan Lasair
Specialization Computer specialist
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, brown hair
Height and Weight 6ft 3", slender, about 11st
Status Inactive
Education Information

Regular school, learning engineer stuff from his father and picking up some technical skills in a used shop trading used ship parts


Michael Dean is a rather tall young man with pale skin. His short brown hair looks somwhat untidy and his blue eyes are surrounded by slight dark circles his glasses cannot fully conceal, as though he is not sleeping very much. He is wearing a blue jeans and a plain grey shirt. A small backpack stores his tools and other equipment as well as a short fighting staff made of white oak, which he uses for martial arts.


After working in different shops repairing electronic equipment he decided to join a ship and got a job as a computer specialist on the Inferno. When it was destroyed and most of its crew died as a consequence of this, he was transferred to the Zhonglong and left Tienlong shortly thereafter, joining the Dochasan Lasair a few days later.


Michael Dean is a typical geek. He likes science and technology but sometimes has trouble getting along with other human beings. He often forgets names and despite trying hard others might see him as unfriendly, also because he almost completely lacks a sense of tact but features a pitch black humour and an attitude that can sometimes even be described as misanthropic. Depending on his mood and the person he is talking to he can be friendly and helpful, but if he is annoyed or does not take to somebody, he can also be harsh and cynical. He suffers from a light Asperger syndrome which means he sometimes has problems in conversations with other people because he cannot recognise the meaning of nonverbal behaviour and lacks basic skills in social interaction.

His approach to science is something that can hardly be understood by other people. As much as he can't even start a simple conversation he can understand even the most difficult scientific problems. It seems like he sees the world around him through math, he thinks everything can be described with math and other science somehow. Being good at math, he has also aquired knowledge in a couple of other sciences such as chemistry, physics, some biology, and especially computer science. Because of all this, people often view him as a bit unworldly.

What one would not expect is that he is skilled in martial arts, Ju Jutsu to be precise. He has been practising it since he was 6 and currently has the first Dan. But apart from this, Michael does not do a lot of sports. He is a bad runner, a slow swimmer and terribly bad in probably every kind of team sport.

He usually wears very casual, sometimes even a bit dirty, clothes, a shirt and a pair of jeans, not exactly flashy, as though he does not want to be noticed, which might just be the case. He owns a Steyr TMP Manual Pull to defend himself if he has to, but is not very skilled in gunfighting, so he prefers to stay out of trouble or, if he has to, use his knowledge of martial arts.