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Population 1.57 million
Terraformed 2400
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing Yes
Public Shuttle No
Type Planet
Size Class 10 (J)
Class Rim
Orbit Eighth from Blue Sun
Coordinates -3020, 2790, 40
Satellites Haven
Market Information
Commodities Market No


In The Verse

The people of Deadwood seem to live in a type of voluntary syndicalist community. There is a large population of Romany on this world. The population was taken down to 200,000 after a massive Reaver attack but is on the rise once more. There are lush forests, mountains, and lakes on this world, the landscape dotted by small villages and towns. The people don't use money and prefer direct trading for goods and services. They are weary of outsiders and don't take kindly to them. As the sign says in at the Spaceport in the town of Deadlock... Do your business and go. Deadwood is mostly if not entirely self sufficient.

The Suzerainty of Deadwood

During the beginning of The Second War information was leaked that the Alliance had actively made plans to nuke Deadwood to defeat the Reaver Threat in Blue Sun. On Founders Day, their chosen Representative Faoite McGuire declared their Independence from the Alliance. Subsequently, The Temperance which was stationed on Deadwood, was stolen by Freedom Movement operatives. The two actions while questionably coincidental could not be proven to have been a conspiracy.

After years on the run and fighting Legion, McGuire turned himself in to face charges of treason along with Kyoshiro Mibu in order to negotiate the planet's sovereignty, using their fresh defeat of Legion with the cooperation of Alliance Commander Heather Jacy as leverage for their terms. They were successful in granting Deadwood a new status as a Protectorate of the Alliance, receiving more autonomy than most states and planets member to the Federal Government:

As discussed with representatives from Deadwood and the Kris Shena, the needs of the people of the planet are better suited by a modicum of Independence. So it is that the Status of Deadwood shall be known hence forth as a Protectorate of the Anglo-Sino Alliance.

If one wishes to visit Deadwood they will need to ask permission. It is a common courtesy among the locals as they are endeared by their privacy. Arranging business or plans ahead of time is a must. Diplomats and Heads of State must obtain a specialized visa in order to visit.

There is no monetary system among those on deadwood. Therefore there are no taxes to be collected. Imports are rare and any exports are taxed already where they are received.

There will be no Alliance Military presence or Bases ON the planet of Deadwood without the express permission of its leadership and government. Even in times of crisis.

The KSDF (See the Charter of The Kris Shena Defence Force) will be the sole military and security asset ON the planet of Deadwood.

The Alliance, in repayment for their scraped plans of the ground base and to better fight the Reaver threat, will be allowed a Space Station in orbit above the planet as long as the previous two sections are followed. Anything else will result in breach of contract.

Deadwood will be allowed to continue their own government and planetary operations as they see fit unless otherwise outlined in any amendments or additions to this notice of Suzerainty.

McGuire was found guilty of Treason however and is currently living out his sentence per it's terms. A fine, Community Service, and restricted travel with Alliance Guard.


  • List incomplete...
  • Mining
  • Naturally Grown Produce Farming
  • Ranching
  • Vid Production

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