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Dbmh test
Location: Spacers District, Eavesdown
Sector: Private, Federal Approved
Fiscal: Not-For-Profit, Donation-Based
In-Patient Beds: 21 adult, 6 child, 6 infant
Employees: 90 (48 full-time, 42 part-time)
Volunteers: 44

What is the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital?

The 24/7 charity clinic is located within the Spacer's District in Eavesdown, the downtown sprawl of the capital city of Persephone, a prosperous Border planet. It is a multi-functional walk-in clinic currently run by Dr Zachary MacAbrams and a staff of six doctors and ten nurses. The clinic prides itself on its policy of accepting any and all individuals who are in need of medical assistance, regardless of their affiliation or walk of life. Patients are not billed for services or materials, rather the Medical Wellness Clinic accepts and relies on donations from those who are so inclined. Thus far, it has been able to run solely on the generosity of benefactors from all over the 'Verse, and even drew enough charity donations within its first year to expand operations into unused wings of the tall one-story building.

While Walk-In Care and Emergency Medicine remains its largest draw, the clinic can now offer in-patient care in the East Wing, including a special Children's Ward for patients 16 years of age and under. The West Wing supports a small pharmacy, blood and chemical analysis lab, and a morgue. Other services, such as specific fields of surgical procedure, psychological counseling, and any number of -ologies, will depend on the available physician staff on any given day, and therefore require a referral and/or appointment scheduled beforehand.


Before it closed down in 2522, the Medical Wellness Clinic was a walk-in business operated by Dr. Lucinda Delray, specializing in Emergency Medicine. For approximately one year afterwards, downtown residents seeking aid were obliged to visit the uptown and upscale mammoth, Persephone General Hospital, or the teaching hospital within the University of Persephone.

In August of 2523, siblings Ivy and Dale Lambsey left their ship assignments to purchase the Central Wing of the Medical Wellness Clinic, leaving the West and East Wings closed up while they set up the modest charity clinic. The appointment was encouraged by then-ALPD Officer Leutrim Donnchadh, who was representing an anonymous backer and looking to alleviate the need for consistent medical service local to the police department, and the spaceport, downtown, and slum areas.

Having returned from various strange adventures across the 'Verse, the Lambseys got the clinic into enough working order with the help of friends and volunteers, to begin hiring a modest contingent of nursing staff and treating patients by October.

December was the breakthrough month for the MWC when Ivy's idea for staging a holiday benefit play of How The Grinch Stole Christmas was realized with the help of Dale's theater experience, and acting contributions from friends Lee, Baltimore, Anastasiya, and Wayde and Kent Sullivan. The Paquin Opera House was packed that afternoon, and the entertaining production put the little clinic on the galactic map. The proceeds from the venture went into a fund to help the needy children of the Eavesdown slums.

By March of 2524, the Medical Wellness Clinic had gained a name throughout the Core 'Verse as a fun, new, and worthy charity organization, and enough donations had flowed in that the Lambseys were financially able to purchase and support the West and East Wings. A contractor was hired to open them up to begin renovating the space. Expansion into the sublevel to provide a greater variety of services, and the building of a landing pad on the roof are said to be the next slated upgrades.

Having celebrated its first anniversary of successful operations, founders are looking into further expansion of services to the 'Verse, in the form of satellite clinics on other worlds.

In November of 2527, Doctor Tatyana Quinn-Cobain of the Shu Chang Corporation took over ownership and management of the MWC. In plans to breathe new life into the organization and see it flourish it was renamed the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital at the grand re-opening on December 6,2527. This is in honor of a never to be forgotten shepherd from Southdown Abbey.

In February of 2530, Dr. Quinn's lawyers advised Dr. Zachary MacAbrams that their client had died. In her will, the doctor bequeathed the hospital to Dr. MacAbrams. On March 15, Dr. MacAbrams received final paperwork identifying him as the new owner.


Player Characters on Staff (Active)

Player Characters on Staff (Vacant and Available)

  • Chief of Pediatrics - Vacant
  • Chief of Psychology - Vacant
  • Chief of Emergency Medicine - Vacant
  • Pharmacist - Vacant

Established Non-Player Characters on Staff

  • Daytime Receptionist - Rose McCallister
  • Nighttime Receptionist - Chloe Wright

Various Nurses and Doctors not currently being played by active players can be NPC'd by staff as long as they know what they are doing.

Always assume there are also trained security guards on the premises.

Joining the Book Hospital

We are always happy to welcome new chars to our org. Obviously we can always use more doctors and nurses. Check which positions are currently available and if you have another idea of what you want to play, don't hesitate to contact us. We can certainly make it work somehow.

However we don't only hire doctors and nurses - we can make use of virtually every archetype in the canon:

  • If you're a pilot, we can use you to fly our hospital shuttle, the Angel of Mercy, during emergency operations.
  • If you're a mechanic or a technician, we can use you to maintain hospital equipment and the hospital's IT.
  • If you're a cook, you can feed patients and doctors alike with your creations.
  • If you're a gunslinger, you can keep us safe as part of our security staff.

Plaque of Charitable Donors

Captain Anastasiya Mihailov Doc Holliday Ingrid Dahl Madison Rae Collins
Odell Malika Patandy Mars Lord Quintus Aemilius Yee Rasya Emer
Itzal Nekane Captain Laurent McCain P & T Enterprises David Bell
Count Salin Fawzy Lynette Grant Nysacire O'Doherty Captain Jamethiel Taliesen
Unnamed Benefactor Unnamed Benefactor Southdown Abbey

Want your name on the Plaque that is proudly on display in the lobby of the hospital? Contact us about making a donation!

Large Assets

1 Luxury Yacht-Angel of Mercy-used as an ambulance
1 ATV Ambulance - Emergency Medical MULE
2 Hover Ambulances - Emergency Medical MULEs
2 Doctor Beds - creates optimal conditions for tissue regeneration.
1 Holographic Diagnostic Scan Bed
1 Holographic Imaging Suite
1 24th Century MRI

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