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Full name Nicodemus J. Dayton 'Nic'
Date of Birth June 14th, 2484
Parents Kim Ryusuke and James Dayton
Siblings None
Assignment Chief Engineer of the Fool's Errand
Specialization Sidearm, Transport Engineering
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown/Red
Height and Weight 5', 150 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

K-12 on Whittier, 3.5 years at University of Silverhold

Employment History
  • Current: Chief Engineer of the Fool's Errand


Standing at about five feet even, this diminuitive fireplug of a man is muscular in the way a bulldog is muscular. Red hair has been cut close to his head to de-emphasize his high forehead, and slightly slanted brown eyes are showing the first hints of wrinkles on their edges. His head itself is blocky, with a square jaw and squared-off nose. A dusting of reddish hair grows along his jawline. His body follows a similar theme, with broad shoulders leading down to a short barrel chest and thick but short legs. His skin is lightly freckled, but has a slightly yellowish cast.

He currently wears a pair of reflective amber sunglasses, an untucked olive green polo shirt, a pair of khaki cargo pants held up with a black belt, and utilitarian black boots.

Distinguishing Marks

A tattoo of the kanji for god or spirit on his left shoulder.

A tattoo of the kanji for wind on his right shoulder.

Tattoos of over twenty black five-pointed stars that lead from his backside, up over his hipbones, and back down the crease between his leg and abdomen on each side.

Three bullet scars: one in the lower right stomach, one in the lower back, and one in the right thigh.

The flesh between his nostrils is very slightly ragged.

What's known

Dayton has been on at least fourteen ships, having been kicked off each of them for one of three things: His big mouth, starting a fight, and in one case, accidentally killing a dog.


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2484: Nicodemus Dayton is born on Whittier to an Irish stock pond cleaner and a Japanese marine biologist who both worked at the same fishery, from a drunken tryst late one night. Neither of Nic's parents were looking for children; his father simply didnt make enough to support his habits and a child, and his mother had a very promising career ahead of her. The fact that the child was born with mild dwarfism certainly didnt help things. So baby Nic ended up getting passed to his widower paternal grandfather, former Alliance 2nd Lieutenant Nic Dayton.

The elder and younger Nic's... well, they didn't mesh well. Being raised without much contact with either of his parents and being constantly picked on for his short stature, Nicky grew up a surly, ADD child, while the elder Nic seemed to get harsher and harsher in response, hoping to rein in the temperamental and strong-willed boy with strict discipline.

2494: Having already taken on the moniker of 'Leprechaun' amidst his peers for his short, stocky stature, slanty eyes and curly red hair, Nicky ends up having to repeat the fourth grade for his chronic misbehavior and lack of caring about school. At the tender age of 10, the elder Nic did something that few other people would do with a child so wild and hot-headed as little Nicky: He bought him a gun for his birthday, a little child-sized slipshot. And strangely enough, of all Nic's parenting attempts, this seemed to work the best. Tying academic performance to the ability to go to the shooting range resonated with Nicky, and the power and importance he felt with a weapon seemed to extend even when he wasn't holding it. By the time he left grade school, he was an average student, though it did little to quell the number of fights he was in. The difference was that he was confident enough to win a few.

2498: Nic enrolls Nicky with a wrestling instructor in hopes of expanding on the success he had introducing him to guns. This wasnt quite as successful, though it does give him enough discipline to be able to stick with school wrestling for an entire season, and actually have a couple friends for the first time in his life. By this time, he has expanded his obsession with guns to knowing how their innards work, and has rebuilt every gun he owns several times, and even made modifications. He would continue this obsession throughout his life, collecting gun parts and obsessively cleaning his weaponry.

2501: Nicky goes to work for a cargo loading depot after school every day to support his obsession, working as an assistant to one of the mechanics who tended to the space fleet.

2503: While his grades aren't stellar and Nic doesn't have the money to send him to college, Nicky's mother comes out of the woodwork to give him at least enough to enroll in a public university in the Silverhold colonies. He majors in Transport Engineering, and gets fair grades.

2506: All of the discipline goes out the window when he launches himself at a professor for calling him 'Little guy'. The next day, hes expelled, only four months from graduation. He goes back to the cargo loading depot, working as a transport mechanic but still practicing furiously on the gunrange with all sorts of weaponry, eager to be the best at something. And he really does have a talent with it, with a draw speed unlike anyone else he'd met. He begins becoming much more blustery, using intimidation to get what he wants more than anything.

2508: The war with the Alliance is going full-on, and Dayton is convinced to work as a gunhand on one of the cargo ships that frequently passed through his depot, to prevent the Alliance from poaching the supplies. He intimidates his way into becoming the ship's XO, still going to the firing range every second he can.

2508-2515: Dayton falls into a predictable pattern of being hired on for his ungodly weapon skills (and occasionally for his somewhat average engineering skills), and then is subsequently fired for getting in fights, having a big mouth, or in the last case, killing a dog. This happens at least a dozen times throughout this period. He ends up utilizing his wrestling skills quite a bit in this time to knock down and subdue larger opponents. At least, until the Captain pulls a taser on him and throws him off the ship.

2515: Dayton transfers to a salvage crew after accidentally killing the engineer's pet dog of his previous crew, picking through the scraps left behind by the war and keeping the good guns as his payment, turning his bunk into a weaponry chop shop.

2516: Dayton's crew finds the remains of an Alliance vessel, and over the next three years, fences off the parts for a small fortune. Dayton begins to travel, buying expensive weaponry and getting a taste for good food and good women. He begins living the life of the nouveau riche.

2521: Dayton is unwilling to back down from a card game with a noble, and ends up betting and losing the vast majority of his fortune. He liquidates his assets, (including his fabulous guns), pays his debt, and goes back to looking for work; a virtual pauper (with a paunch) after having been living large for almost four years. The one thing he was known for, his world-famous (on Whittier) weapon skills, have atrophied over the years with lack of use to merely being well above average, and hes had to stoop to borrowing other people's guns to get any practice in at all.