Dawn Star

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Dawn Star
Dawn Star
Class Shark Corvette
Cargo Capacity 600 tons + MULE + 2 shuttles
Command Crew
  • Atticus - Pilot-Chief
  • Cora - Pilot
  • Matatie - Engineer-Chief
  • Cricket - Engineer
  • Babbage
  • Usagi - Security - Chief
  • Jamison - Security
  • Jake Pillar - Security
  • Calhoun - Adviser


The Ship

The Dawn Star is a salvaged Shark Corvette class capital ship. It has one shuttle bay that holds two long range shuttles. With a 600 ton cargo capacity, plus MULE, this beauty is a dream come true to her crew.


While searching on Boros for parts to repair the Bonaventure, the ship she was serving aboard at the time, Usagi Tesill discovered the Kitsune. The Kitsune was a non-functioning ship, which needed nearly all of its parts either repaired or replaced. With the help of both the Bonaventure crew and those hired to fly with the new ship, The Kitsune was restored to flying condition. The ship was renamed Evening Star, and began flying cargo runs for Meretrix industries. After a year, the crew decided to leave Meretrix Industries and strike out on their own, taking their ship with them. Around Halloween of 2527, the crew acquired their new ship, the Dawn Star.

Usagi, Tatyana and Braenen had a shared co-owners of the Dawn Star and became their own organization. The crew and it's owners had many adventures within the ship. It was in July of 2528 that Usagi signed over her ownership to Tatyana; there were many shifts within the ranks of the crew as well. With Braenen death in September of 2528, Tatyana became the sole owner of the ship. In October of 2528 the Dawn Star was retired due to irreparable malfunctions. It was at the Tatyana's decision that the ship be retired and the crew then disbursed. A new ship, new crew, new start on the Shu Chang; that ship was purchased with Tatyana's own funds.

The Crew

The crew of the Dawn Star is listed here. All those that have served on her, are recorded here for all to see through time memorial.