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Davis Bandarra
Full name Davis Bandarra
Date of Birth 23 July 2497
Birthplace Hera
Parents Donn and Elinore, died at Three Hills during the Unification War
Siblings Matthew (Presumed Deceased)
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Executive Officer
Specialization Sniper / CQC
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Grey, Brown
Height and Weight 6' 6", 212 lbs
Status Deceased
Education Information

2502 to 2520 - Home schooled on Hera.

Military Service

Mercenary training.

Employment History

2520 to 2530 - Various PMCs (OOC: Pre-History)
2529 to 2530 - Death Corps PMC (OOC: Pre-History)
2530 to 2531 - Phoenix Brotherhood (Sniper)
2531 to Present - Bounty Hunters Guild (Bounty Hunter)
2531 - Bengalo Draba (Security)
2531 to 2532 - Tranquility (Security)
2532 to 2535 - Independent Contractor (OOC: Away from Grid)
2535 to 2537 - Aces and Eights (Gunman)
2537 to demise - Double Indemnity (Executive Officer)

Brief Overview

"Fall down seven times. Stand up eight."

Ruthlessly practical, perpetually stoic, and about as tactful as a thrown brick. Spending your entire twenties in mercenary outlets will do that to you.

Davis is a soldier and... not much else. He's a Wing Chun sifu, a Shotokan godan, and a trained knife fighter. He's a sniper, designated marksman, and spotter. He was trained to work alone and achieve an objective against overwhelming odds.

His parents were idiots, now dead idiots, and his older brother was a legend that taught him everything he knew before he was heroically blown up in a pirate raid. Serious. There's a statue of him in a little town on Hera. His brother taught Davis to trust his reflexes and be fast. The mercs gave him the opportunity to indulge the bloodlust he kept bottled up. And the bloodlust drove him to the drink every single night for eighteen years.

He's killed people. A lot of people. Most of them deserved it. Some didn't. Took him a while to get over that, but hey, when you've spent the last few years getting sold out by one group or another, it tends to take your focus away from little things like being a reluctant murderer.

He builds card towers in his spare time. Teaches him patience because they keep bloody falling down on him. Like he doesn't already have enough. Man's a sniper. He'll sit in a little hole in the ground for weeks if it meant he got to put a bullet through the throat of someone he really wanted dead.

Davis doesn't miss things. His eyes are exceptional, and he knows this. He is almost always the first person to spot a threat and react accordingly.

Beware his temper.

Physical Description

"Pressure controls a fight. Make sure you're the one applying it."

First impression. This guy is HUGE. At 6'6", Davis Bandarra towers over most people. He isn't fat, nor especially bulky, but by the same token he's not thin. The appropriate word would be solid. His face followed suit with the solidarity, with stress lines on his forehead and cheeks, permanently narrowed and focused grey eyes that seemed to be constantly moving, a large nose and lantern jaw hidden underneath a scruffy beard that looked like he hadn't had a shave in a few months. To go with the scruffy beard was lengthy unkempt mop of brown hair that was well past the annoying-in-eyes stage, normally pushed back behind his ears.

He's often dressed like a soldier or mercenary, loaded up on guns and flak jackets, but this changes from day to day.


"Shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If you follow this rule and your enemy doesn't, you win."

Davis varies between flat stoicism, quiet tolerance, and seething rage. The stoicism has formed a mask through which all emotions are filtered, and very rarely does that mask crack. This is backed up by the truly astonishing amount of patience he has cultivated by building card towers, and occasionally, forts made out of bullets, resulting in an odd level of zen where he understands that the tower will collapse for no reason, and all you can do is build it back up. He doesn't filter himself in conversations and always say exactly what needs to be said, no matter how rude, uncaring or dishonourable. As a result, he comes off as stiff, stern and unsociable, yet extremely pragmatic and almost completely unflappable.

While certain things will cause minor cracks in his mask, such as pride or being impressed, the mask is only fully dropped when Davis gets serious. Fighting for his life is a good example, but there could be any number of reasons why he'd need to stop holding back. Making a point tends to be a big one, whether it's maintaining the chain of command, reinforcing pragmatism over honour, or verbally beating his lessons into an obstinate student's head. Notably, the only time Davis tends to show unrestrained enjoyment in particular is in a fight. Pitting his skills against someone equally good is the biggest thrill he knows, whether it's a bar brawl, tournament fight, or sniper duel.

One of the things that will crack Davis is anger. Underneath the mask he is not a calm man, and he can be driven to anger a number of ways. Key among them is pure frustration, mainly at himself, but sometimes at his friends, his enemies, being injured, being lied to, stupidity, etc. Frustration comes easily to the man and it takes a concentrated effort for him to retain control of his temper. When he loses it, the results are explosive. Normally a taciturn warrior, he becomes a screaming berserker.

"Defeat" is not a word in his vocabulary. You either win, one way or another, or you die. This results in serious amounts of determination. When knocked down, he does not stay down. He doesn't know how to lose and as a result can keep his cool under amazing amounts of pressure.


Davis Bandarra was killed on Whittier in an explosion at a Legion prison camp, securing the rescue of Emily Blaire and taking a personal nemesis and many Legion soldiers down with him.


  • Esther Gomez: The Boss. Esther points, Davis shoots. There's a long history stemming back almost a decade between these two. Davis's loyalty is absolute.
  • Kyoshiro Mibu: Worthy of Davis's respect, even though he does have honourable inclinations and a tendency to boast that irritates the merc to no end. Reminds him of a frat boy, but this isn't entirely a bad thing.
  • Feria Corington: The ex. Could have worked, but Davis disappeared. The most surprised he was in his life was when she didn't shoot him when they reunited. Her death was met with surprising calm.
  • Robyn Ornelas: An old friend in a bind. The big man will never mention how he met her. She needed an XO, Davis went to assist, and finally found something resembling a calling.
  • Annabelle Skarsgard: Annie's the weird kind of broken that feels better when she's had the shit kicked out of her. Always spoiling for a good fight, Davis is happy to oblige.
  • Cade Grayson: Very impressive beard. Twitchy, though. That may pose a problem in a fight.
  • Emily Blaire: She took a while to get used to the big man's refusal to conversationally pull punches. Many tears were had until that happened. Now she's his student in the Wing Chun ways. What are the odds.
  • "Christina": No one harms Davis's students and lives. Had the notable misfortune of seeing the big man entirely unrestrained, yet not berserk.


  • Davis is an alcoholic. It's not as bad as when he was younger, but he still drinks copiously and often. Don't be surprised to see him having a drink before he leaves on a mission to steady his hands.
  • A willpower roll is often taken when Davis gets sufficiently angry. Failure results in him losing his temper.
  • On a D&D alignment scale, he is Lawful Neutral. He will follow orders to the letter, and aspires to be a good man, but he takes more pleasure from fighting and killing than he should.
  • Davis always carries a deck of cards or two. He doesn't gamble, he just builds towers out of them. It's his stress relief.
  • Of all the music styles in the 'Verse to enjoy, Davis likes funk.