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Davin Rellik
Full name Davin Rellik
Date of Birth April 15, 2492
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Gunslinger, Dark Dragon
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green / Brown
Height and Weight 5'11" / 190 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information


Military Service


Pre-PC History

Thirty-one years ago, Davin Rellik was born on the planet Santo to a family he didn't know. To put it simply, he was a mistake. His parents tried to raise him, but after two years, they just couldn't take it anymore and they quickly dropped him off at an orphanage without looking back. It was here, where Davin's life truly began to flourish.

For the first decade of his life, Davin was quiet and detached from the rest of the kids, feeling that he just simply didn't belong. e had brief memories of his parents, but nothing concrete and he felt out of place amongst the rest. This led into problems when he reached the age of twelve, in the form of getting rowdy and misbehaving. This eventually escalated until he found himself fighting with the other kids and being nothing more then a general nuisance.

This continued he reached the age of 16. It was then that the orphanage decided to contact one of the Security Companies for one of he large resorts and casinos and see about getting Davin into a work placement program in the hopes that it would help temper his attitude. And it did. His instructor was rough and gruff and didn't tolerate the kind of problems and backtalk that Davin was used to getting away with at the orphanage. Over the next few years, he taught Davin a variety of skills, including the use of several different types of firearms and the traits necessary to successfully stay alive as a member of a security force.

Davin grew to consider this man more then a simple teacher. He became a mentor to him. A father figure when he had none. At his mentor's request, Davin stayed with the security force for several long years, serving through a variety of different positions. It wasn't until he was 30 that he left the planet and found himself on Persephone, looking for work. He doesn't talk about what happened or what caused him to leave, simply preferring to say that "It was time".

PC History

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Not done yet!


Dark brown hair is styled in a haphazard, tussled manner that somehow manages to befit him, the lack of effort taken doing nothing to detract from his looks. His green eyes are bright and expressive, the saying 'the eyes are the mirror to the soul' true in this man. His complexion is a tanned olive, perhaps giving a clue to his heritage which could very easily be Mediterranean or something similar. His age is hard to place beyond the vague, his physique, his visage and his demeanor that of a man who could be in his early twenties. He is just a scant inch shy of 6', his weight proportionate to his height with the muscle tone of a swimmer or runner, the mass lean rather than bulky."

For attire he opts to go with a modern take on 'cowboy clothing' with comfort put well before form. His current attire attests to that - a tee-shirt has been slipped over his torso, the black material tight enough to conform without hindering or putting his body on lewd display. Over this he wears a red-and-black plaid flannel that is left unbuttoned and with the long sleeves rolled to just below each elbow, showing flesh that is unblemished by scar or unmarked by ink. The tee is tucked into the waist of light blue jeans, the denim faded and worn through in some places thanks to many weeks and possibly even months of wear, the garment most likely his favorite if how raggedy they are is any indication. A thin black leather belt has been laced through the loops and for a buckle it has a tastefully small 'rodeo buckle' with an engraved image of a bluff overlooking a herd of buffalo. The legs of the jeans have been pulled over a pair of old cowboy boots, the color of which is impossible to tell thanks to the dust that has accumulated upon them, the footwear bearing a slightly pointed toe as was the fashion hundreds of years ago on Earth-That-Was.

Misc Facts

  • Hired on as Gunslinger for the Dark Dragon in Dec of 2522
  • Involved in a relationship with Aife, Executive Officer of the Dark Dragon