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This is OOC information.
Information detailed here is for OOC uses only.
Full name David Bell
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Resume:
Gender Male
Status Inactive
Military Service

Independent Army, 117th Infantry Regiment, Scouts. Pirates' Commonwealth Military, Rogues.


  • 2494: Born on 07 DEC 2494. Paquin; Mother unknown, Father smalltime thief.
  • 2504: Father sentenced to life in prison. David makes his living as an apprentice thief. Smalltime crime.
  • 2506: Enlists in the Independent Army, assigned to the 117th Infantry Regiment as a standard rifleman during the [War].
  • 2509: Promoted to Corporal with one other soldier working under him as a reconnaissance team.
  • 2510: Captured during a raid on his camp. Credited with 'Holding off the purples' although all he did was misdirect them and surrender.
  • 2512: Released from POW camp a year after [[1]] end. During his stay he is taught the ways of the underworld by a fellow prisoner. Fills his spare time learning to keep himself alive on the street and reading excess ship manuals.
  • 2513: Begins work as a 'Gofer' on Paquin for the [[2]]. Earning the nickname Rabbit.
  • 2515: Becomes more respected in the [[3]], earning the nickname 'Davie Blue-eyes' for the obvious color of his blue eyes, and reputation of having a cold stare that can shake a man to his core.
  • 2519: Joins the crew of the Liberty Captained by Ivy Cooper. His stay is short lived and shortly after he joins the crew of the Red Angel, Captained by Daniel Wallace.
  • 2520: Leaves the Red Angel. Quickly making his way to a position as an Underboss in the Paquin [[4]].
  • 2521: Released from prison, due to 'Lack of Witnesses'. Joined Admiral Frost's Pirates. Leaves the Pirates and to help prevent his execution is 'purchased' by Daniel Wallace for an undisclosed sum of credits. Spends the next two years serving aboard the Red Angel to pay his debt.
  • 2523: Joins Admiral Frost's Pirate crew once more after having been 'Medicated'.
  • 2525 Makes his way into a position of power within the [[5]] again, this time on Santo.

Brief IC History

  • Liberty: The stay aboard this old Trans-U passenger vessel turned cargo ship Captained By Ivy Cooper was a short one. Only spanning a couple weeks, though it is a history that would save David's life, he made very important contacts and friends here, regardless of if he is aware of it or not. This is the first place that David met a man then known simply as Frost. While landed on Persephone, he jumped ship and was magnetized towards the Red Angel for some strange reason.

  • Red Angel: Joining the finely tuned Saber class Red Angel, David quickly made his way up the ranks; Cargo Master, then to Chief of the Boat. Gaining a reputation on board and off board for being a steady gun hand and a lucrative thief, though he was careful not to smear the reputation of the ship what he had become loyal to. It was here that David learned the craft of trading, cargo hauling and most valuable - Piloting. David was involved with the now Pirate Admiral Frost for the battle and capture of the Devil's Whore which was shortly after renamed the Arctic Raider. For some time after his discharge from the Arctic Raider he worked aboard the Red Angel, slowly piecing his mind back togather. Some say he was never the same after the medication.

  • [[6]]: For an unknown amount of time David had been working with the [[7]] on Paquin according to Underworld sources he had at one time worked and killed his way into the position of power on the carnival planet. On Santo it appeared his assention to power was much more graceful. However; it is unclear what capacity he holds and weather or not he still functions actively or inactively in the [[8]] at all presently.

  • Arctic Raider: Beginning his tour of the Pirate faction as a Royal Corsair (Elite Guard) aboard the Arctic Raider, a Cutlass Class vessel. *SECTION CLASSIFIED* David was released from duty by Admiral Frost after serving approximately three months with the faction. He was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia by Doctor Lirin Dumont during this time which probably fed the need for his removal from his position. The terms of his release are known to only a select few, though no more obvious threats have come from Frost, one can only assume it was a peaceful disengagement.

  • Pirate's Commonwealth: Invited back to the Pirate Faction though his stay was short lived as the Commonwealth slowly disolved, it re-enforced relationships with his old commrades. Yet, publicly he seemed to wish for a 'Normal' life.

  • Leviathan: After the second fall of the Pirate's Commonwealth, he decides to stick with the crew which he had grown loyally attached to, through blood and friendship. For some time his job description as usual, was a grey area, weather or not he still maintains employment within the Leviathan he is tight lipped about.

  • Crimson Shield Security: Joins the newly formed Crimson Shield Security company, working as an Operational Security Consultant. He was the key investigative consultant reguarding the Carmichael affair and according to company owner Morgan Kendrick he was second in command, even if Morgan now denies it. Towards the end of the contract he was offered a direct position within Red Lion Industries and decided to take it. For some reason Morgan still seems to harbor resentment towards David for leaving the company, even denying him a chance to provide reason for his employment termination.

Weird Stuff

  • Has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.
  • If he doesn't get his blue pill things get odd.
  • He loves dogs.
  • Is a sociopath.
  • Speaks six languages.
  • Allergic to horses.
  • Has been shot 70 times.. mostly by his friends.
  • 117th Infantry Regiment is the same unit Nolan Greyes was in.