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Jeremiah Davian
Full name Jeremiah "Dav" Davian
Date of Birth February 24th, 2502
Birthplace Beaumonde
Parents Donald (51), Valeri (45)
Siblings Kaitlin and Celine, twins (11)
Spouse None
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Grey-blue eyes, Brown hair
Height and Weight 6'2", 145lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

No formal education.

Military Service

No military service.

Employment History

Pilot - The Fool's Errand (June 2522 - ???)


This young man is rather scrawny, though he has some height to him as he stands around 6'2". Straight brown hair, often swept to one side, hangs in a mop-like fashion down to his soft grey-blue eyes, which are framed by a pair of thick-framed black gasses. He often bears a never-ending grin, wry and playful. He could be considered classically handsome if he actually put the effort in. As it is, he's often dusty and smudged with engine grease with the faintest smattering of stubble upon his youthful jawline.

A nicely-tailored suit jacket of black wool, the fabric not too fancy but nice all the same, holds to his form loosely above a dusty, white button-up shirt and a bright blue and grey-striped tie. He wears the thick tie in the usual fashion, but it hangs loosely around his neck beneath his collar, giving him an unpolished and disheveled look, though fashionable. At his waist sits a low-slung black leather belt. The matching holster is strapped to his right thigh over a dusty, light-blue pair of slim-fit jeans. Stuffed into the holster is a sleek black sidearm, never far from reach. Upon his feet are a pair of comfortable black slip-ons, checkered with bright blue lines to match his tie. He seems well-put together, except for the fact that his chosen style makes him look he just rolled out of bed.

He often has a pair of small white earbuds in his ears from which pumps a constant stream of music, the soft tunes of varying styles audible only to those who are close to him. The cord trails down to his chest, whatever device driving the music stowed safely in the inner pocket of his jacket. He would appear to approach most of life with a carefree attitude, his constant smile but one indicator of this. He moves casually, his hands more often than not stuffed into the pockets of his jacket or his jeans.

General Concept - Personality and Temperament

Jeremiah Davian, who goes solely by his last name or often just "Dav" to his closest acquaintances, is the calm and friendly sort, rarely caring overmuch about anything. He tends to wear a constant grin as the most apparent sign of that carefree, relaxed attitude. He feels at home in the black at the helm of whichever boat has decided to take him on this time, and he has the tendency to get a little bit antsy and impatient when he's landlocked for any appreciable amount of time.

He's a good man and a good friend to those who watch his back, and he does his best to stay on the good side of the law. Of course, that isn't to say that he isn't willing to do whatever it takes to survive in the 'Verse. It's just that he hasn't had to bother yet, and if he has his way, he never will.

General Concept - History and Goals

Davian grew up on Beaumonde amidst the smog and pollution surrounding the capital. His father was a factory worker, his mother a housekeeper who saw to the elementary teachings of Davian and his two younger twin sisters when they were children.

He's fairly young at 20, but it's already quite clear he's fairly gifted at certain things. He behaves much like a kid in a candy store when it comes time for him to showcase his skills in the air, and he rarely disappoints. His ultimate dream is to procure his own ship, something small and fast for impromptu and numerous cargo runs, transports, or anything else that might happen to come his way. For now, he's quite content to fly someone else's boat. He also has a knack for computers, using what little knowledge was passed down to him by his father to carve out a little niche for himself and be useful, no matter what situation he finds himself in.


  • 2552 - Hired onto pilot the Fool's Errand, part of the Gaelic Gypsy Arms organization.