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Yang Guang "Dash" O'Sullivan
Dash 550x505.jpg
Personal Information
Full name阳光 "Dash" O'Sullivan
Date of BirthMay 1st, 2509
BirthplaceNew Dunsmuir, Beaumonde
Zodiac signsTaurus, Rooster
MotherMei Ling O'Sullivan 2481-2517
FatherDavy O'Sullivan 2478-...
HairDark brown
Height5'1" (1.54m)
Weight100 lbs (45 kg)
2515-2519Public elementary school
2519-2521Special elementary school for children with behavioral problems
2521-2525New Dunsmuir High
2525-2530Internal training programmes with a Beaumonde-based Blue Sun train depot
Employment History
2526-2530 Blue Sun Depot 8-44 (Beaumonde), Security Officer (Pre-IC)
2530Tranquility, Security Officer
2530-2531Tranquility, Chief Security Officer
2530-...Hope House, Security Officer
2531-...Ricochet Arms, Sales Representative, Weapons Tester, Security Officer
2531-...Mustang, Chief Security Officer
Licenses and Registrations
Ident Card阳光 O'Sullivan
Status: valid
Ident CardHana bint Dawud
Status: fake (looks real, but no records in system)
VehicleKawasaki Ninja ZX-RR
00095 AAADR
Issued on Jun 28, 2531
WeaponLevel 2
Issued on Jun 24, 2531
Residence7C Eavesdown Diggs
Eavesdown Heights
Eavesdown, Persephone

Theme Song

  1. Aswad - Shine
  2. Rihanna - Pon de Replay
  3. Sister Aisha - Warm Sun
  4. Sia - I go to Sleep
  5. Lauren Hill - Can't Take my Eyes off You
  6. Nina Simone - Don't Let Me be Misunderstood
  7. QQ - Wine Your Waist
  8. Rihanna - Rude Boy (Reggae Remix)
  9. Joss Stone ft. Lauryn Hill - Music
  10. Lauren Hill - Everything is Everything
  11. Rihanna - Man Down (Instrumental)
  12. The Fugees - Ready or Not
  13. Joss Stone - Less is more
  14. SuperHeavy - Common Ground
  15. Nina Simone - I Got Life
Criminal history
  • A handful of juvenile violence-related incidents.
Medical history
  • Extensive history of sprains, strains, bruises, and similar minor injuries.
  • Claustrophobic.
  • Tested immune for Hep-B.
  • Was infected by the Age of Origin virus.
ParkourEver since puberty she's been a fanatic traceuse. If you ever happen to wonder where she is, stop bothering. By the time you've figured it out she's probably a few hundred yards from there.
Krav magaShe has had some training in krav maga, and she's still practicing. It's blunt, it's efficient, and in its own way it's gracious.
AcrobaticsJust as a pastime activity or to be a show-off, Dash engages in handstands, somersaults, handsprings, flips, backflips, cartwheels, splits... Nothing's too crazy.
DancingTo be specific, breakdancing. It's a perfect outlet to apply some of the tricks she's capable of. But recently she's been training to master the two-step and the tango.
ExerciseNone of the above can be pulled off without the right preparation, so more often than not you'll find her practicing with dumbells, push ups, sit ups, a nice red punching bag, or just some general stretching and flexing.
Hoverbike ridingSharp corners, tight bends, high velocities: if it hovers, if it goes fast, and if it reeks of danger, then it's what gets her adrenalin pumping!
MeditationSo much activity! But balance is everything. To regain her calmth she likes to light a candle or two, put on some good music, and get lost in deep session of introspection.
EatingOf course she needs refuelling. She's known to have a good appetite, and when Dash is going at it, don't expect her to leave the table for the coming hour!
MusicEspecially Core world hiphop, Core world dance, and Border world reggae are her favourites, but she's also stirred by the raw, harsh sounds of Rim world music, especially country, blues, and soul.
Basic mechanicsIf you stumble upon her with her hands at the innards of a MULE, don't be surprised. She's probably fixing a simple problem like refreshing the oil or adjusting the timing of the carburetor.

"The mark of a moderate man
is freedom from his own ideas.
Tolerant like the sky,
all-pervading like sunlight,
firm like a mountain,
supple like a tree in the wind,
he has no destination in view
and makes use of anything
life happens to bring his way.
― Tao Te Ching


Drawing young Sino-African woman with an abrassion on her eyebrow
Dash, somehow hurt again

Athletically built slim, short, girl in her early twenties. She stands just over 5" in height and presumably no more than 100 pounds. Her complexion and facial features give away she's the offpsring of Chinese and African blood. Her short, dark brown hair is neatly arranged in equal side by side cornrow braids, running from front to back over her skull and ending in short braids of about two inch long behind the back of her head. A tiny piece of modern technology in the form of an iComm earpiece is plugged into left ear. She has bright, green eyes, which is slightly odd because it doesn't really match, genetically speaking, with the rest of her.


"Shah muh, mon? Boo, nuh sweat. Us dance gonna be tight. Ai yah tien ah, it gonna kick shiny pi-goh! Mi hafta flash now, bless."
― Yang Guang in a day to day conversation.

Dash in a boxing stance
"I'mma kick your pi-goh."

Coming from the densily populated capital city on Beaumonde, of Chinese and Jamaican blood, Dash's speaking style is a mix of Mandarin, Standard English, Patois, and street slang. She matches and mixes elements from these sources liberally and oftentimes doesn't pay much attention to it. She refers to her manner of speech lovingly as Shinese (from Sunshine, the English meaning of her name, with the -ese suffix and without Sun, and also obviously wordplaying on Chinese). A liberal translation of the snippet above would be: "Sorry? Baby, don't worry. Our party will be great. Merciless hell, it's going to be awesome! But I have to go now, take care."

That being said, if the situation calls for it she's perfectly capable of sticking to a higher, more formal register, especially with the Mandarin language.

Speaking of that, she has beautiful handwriting and draws characters like she's never done anything else. The same can't be said about her mastery of the Latin alphabet, though. It's crude, clumsey, and only barely readable.

The name

Yangguang is Mandarin for sunshine. Her legal name, as it appears on official documents, is 阳光 O'Sullivan. This Sino-Anglian fusion is also how she tends to write her own name, although fully romanized versions such as Yang Guang O'Sullivan are also acceptable.

"Dash" was the nickname given to her by her group mates when she was in the security training programme, on account of her being a fast runner and a well trained parkour practitioner. Sometimes she uses a Mandarin rendition of the moniker, 短跑 (duanpao).

O'Sullivan is the last name of her father, who is of mixed Irish and Jamaican Creole descent.


Photograph of a young Chinese woman wielding nunchaku
Dash means business.

Dash is a proud, outgoing girl who mostly comes off as cheerful and enthusiastic, when she isn't being competetive. She likes to be to the point. Her sentences are usually short and direct. However, at times Dash shows to have a large vocabulary and a thorough understanding of how language works; she just doesn't choose to use that knowledge a lot. Human interaction amuses and fascinates her.

She believes strongly in the tit-for-tat principle when dealing with strangers, but once you've earned her trust she'll be loyal, reliable, and supportive. Physical possession isn't something Dash used to attach much value to, but that has drastically changed since she started to build a life of her own. However, she's easy about lending things to friends for an undetermined time.

Dash is (mostly) honest in the way she deals with people. Short of one or two exceptions, if she likes you she'll let you know, if she doesn't you'll be able to tell.

She's had a history of violence and aggression. People she's been in highschool with and children from her neighborhood alike would describe her as whimsilcal and spiteful. However, in recent years she has learned to deal with her inner rage and channel it to more positive purposes, most of the times.

Once she has set her mind on something, she's not likely to give up any time soon. Persistent, is the word, no matter how long it takes her.

"Ready or not, here I come; you can't hide. Gonna find you"
― The Fugees — Ready Or Not

Faith, philosophy, and wisdom

"Balance. Shine. Believe in yourself.
Control. Be dirty. Be resourceful.
Respect. Play safe. Teach and learn.
Dash's philosophy in a nutshell.

Even though she is into taoism, Dash has on occasion stated that "I wouldn't call myself a taoist." She has admitted she subscribes to the belief that a sword carries the souls of those that died by it. All of her weapons have names, and she is convinced weapons develop some sort of personality over time. She doesn't gamble, because gambling relies on luck and she believes "luck ain't no balanced force."

Books she owns include (but aren't limited to) the following, all of these written in Mandarin:

  • a copy of the Tao Te Ching;
  • several works on taoism, introspection, meditation, and spirituality;
  • some volumes by Xiang Yu, the warrior poet;
  • Traditional Chinese Cuisine cooking book;
  • several firearm maintenance guides;
  • several engine maintenance guides;

Diet, drinks, and drugs

Dash is strictly pescotarian, which means she doesn't eat meat but fish is okay. She has a fondness for fresh vegetables and fruits, especially kiwi fruit, and she is generally obsessed with healthy food. However, she also loves Fruity Oaty bars and chocolate.

Coffee and alcohol are drinks Dash doesn't consume, but she likes sports drinks, fresh fruit juices, and chai. Products with names containing the words Light, Low Fat, Low Sugar, Zero, and similar, are avoided like the plague.

She doesn't smoke and strictly stays clear from recreational drugs. She tries to avoid painkillers and other medication as much as possible.

Quirks, trivia, blurbs

  • Likes to call friends by nicknames.
  • Has a bi-curious or heteroflexible orientation.
  • No tattoos.

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