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Dark Star Security
Owners Odell Malika
Inception 01 Nov 2534
Location Londinium
Piloting Crew

Phelan Daniels * Brenn Henderson

Engineering Crew

Robin Babbage

Security Crew

Cal Iliana Calira d'Narvose * Maxim Vargas * Theresa Tacheu-Vargas * Brenn Brennart Henderson * Cricket Carmella Roberts

Medical Crew

Dr. Mia Daniels * Nurse Erin Ashley Malika * Medic Guy Botoh



Never mix business with anything other than profit.
Una alla volta - One at a time.


Odell Malika serves as the owner and CEO for Dark Star Security


We provide private security and investigation services for anyone whom can afford our very inexpensive pricing. We are also seeking private buyers whom require a private contract for transportation of cargo or human resource.


DarkStar serves as the pride and joy of our firm. Under the command of Odell himself, it is used as the primary transport and place of residence for our employees.


Weapon Policy

Our firm supports the possession of weapons. We allow our employees to bolster any weapon they are legally allowed to manage. Even though we allow the use of firearms, we prefer the use of close combat non-ballistic weapons to prevent damage to our space craft.

Hiring Policy

Please contact one of our information staff for quotes. We hire on a case to case basis, therefore, some contracts may be placed on a waiting list. Any affiliate of a criminal organisation will be denied services until either local or federal authorities release the warrant.

Employee Policy

Ship Policy


Operation Centers

Londinium * Paquin * Persephone

RP Logs



A Gathering of Guild Members - A brief discussion regarding that pesky prison break and plans to address it.
On Ezra - The Newly formed Dark Star Security Company heads to Ezra to begin investigating the missing children.
On Ezra - Part 2 - Dark Star Security Company continues its investigation on Ezra.
On Ezra - Part 3 - Dark Star Security Company speaks to the families of the missing.
Strategy Planning Session - Leutrim, Aubrey & Cal meet up to talk about some wild animals, and criminals, loose. They meet up with Conoger afterward to discuss plans on what to do next.
In the Arena - Part 1 - Leutrim, Annabelle, Clover, Conoger, Michio & Calira infiltrate the area where mercenaries and thugs are fighting for Lubbock Jetson's life.


A Cowboy walks into a bar - The joys of married life sometimes include handling distasteful matters involving weasels, clods and what passes for 'atmosphere' at a local bar.


When In Rome - The crew of the DarkStar visit Alexandria to attend a quasi-Greecian festival which coincides with the 20 year anniversary of the label that produced discs made by the famous Phoenix Lixx. Mayhem, quite naturally, ensues.
Target Practice - Captain Malika gives Medic Botoh some practical instructions in the use of firearms. Calira briefly joins the demonstration.