Dark Dragon

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Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon
Class Shark Corvette
Crew Capacity 26
Cargo Capacity 600 Tons
Top Speed 1600
Command Crew
Engineering Crew
Security Crew
Medical Crew
General Crew
Military Service
  • None

The Dark Dragon is a Shark-Class ship captained by Captain Sinklar Fist.



The Shadow-class escort frigate was created towards the very end of the war. It saw only a small amount of action as by the time it came fully into the main order of Battle for the Indies, the War was only a year away from its Finale. This vessel is smaller then a Saber, and at one time boasted a total of six medium cannons, and two missile racks, divided evenly on her fins. She was made for speed, maneuverability, and a swift Knockout punch. As the class name implies she was to be a Reminder for all of the now dead Planet of Shadow. After the war, the few ships of this make that had survived were swiftly re-classified as Shark Corvettes. As no one wanted to have their ship confiscated by the Alliance, and both sides still to this day disavow that a Shadow-class warship ever existed.

The ships shape gives it its affectionate nickname of Shark, for a extinct sea creature it resembles. She is painted a very dark, almost black grey from stem to stern, with small flecks of light so as to break up her image in the black. Just under the cockpit on either side can be seen a ghost of her original name IAVEC SHADOW. Her new crew out of respect for the ships history has not tried to paint over this ghostly image and instead has painted her new name just under it. DARK DRAGON. Under its new name is painted the image of a dark ghostly Dragon rising from the ruins of a destroyed planet. Some practical joker in the ships past has also added a painted row of sharp teeth all around her nose, so as to increase the image of a shark.

She stands at an Impressive fifty five feet high, 300 feet long, and 190 feet wide. She is sleek and stealthy having one of the best sensor suites ever made, and her low profile makes her rather hard to pick up on sensors until, if she still had weapons, it would be too late. Though while she is fast, her shape, does not allow for very easy maneuvering, and the class is known for sluggishness in that area, unless heavily modified.


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