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Full name Darius Anthony DeLaVinci
Date of Birth May 24th, 2497
Parents Antonio DeLaVinci (Father, Deceased.) & Rebecca DeLaVinci (Mother, Deceased.)
Siblings Faye (Younger sister), William (Older brother), and A.J. {Antonio Jr.} (Oldest brother)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Doctor, Crimson Shield Security
Specialization Medicine, Surgery, Virology, and Pharmocology
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Light lilac eyes, Dark blue hair
Height and Weight 6'0" & 145lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Private tutors
  • Ariel University
  • Residency at Eden Hospital

Brief Background

  • Has three siblings:
    • A.J. (Antonio Jr.) who is 10 years older than him, he is a mercenary.
    • William DeLaVinci who is 4 years older than him, he is an engineer.
    • Faye DeLaVinci who is 6 years younger than him, she is a pilot, security, and trader.
  • Travelled with his family after their parents died when he was 9 years old in the war.
  • Learned how to farm on the outer rim planets.
  • Was taught by private tutors for school.
  • Attended college at Ariel University.
  • Did his residency at Eden Hospital.
  • Was employed by Roisin Dubh in Nov '24 as their doctor before Saul vanished,
  • Jan '25: Signed upon the Crimson Shield Security as a doctor.


Darius stands in front of you with dark blue wavy hair cascading back into a very low pony tail, the hair falling to the middle of his back. His very light lilic eyes. He has a very slightly strong jaw, his face clean shaven, his nose is a slight bit pointy. His skin is a soft sand color. His build seems to make him very lithe. </br>
He is currently wearing a black cotton collared shirt and light blue jeans, being worn over the shirt and jeans is a white lab coat, and upon his feet black tennis shoes on his feet. The ring on his left hand's middle finger is a very simple gold band. </br>

Crimson Shield Security

In Jan of '25 Darius joined the Crimson Shield Security As a their doctor.

Fun Tidbits About Darius

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