Darion Taith

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Darion Taith
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Full name Darion Excelsior Taith M.D.
Date of Birth September 20, 2492
Parents Don and Shirley Taith (Darion is disowned by both over 10 years ago)
Siblings None that he is aware of. He was adopted at birth. That doesn't mean this little tidbit of info couldn't lead to interesting RP . . .
Assignment Tsukai no Inari
Specialization General Surgery, Infectious Disease, Pharmacology, Psychology
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes and Sandy Brown Hair
Height and Weight 6'1 195lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

University of the Holy Cross (Medical) - Londonium

403rd "Devil's Angles" - Browncoat (M*A*S*H Unit) - Volunteer - 1st Lt. - Combat Medic/Surgeon Callsign: "Tourniquet"

University of Aubrbana - Psychology (1 credit shy from a Degree) - Londonium

Saint James the Greater School of the Developing Minds {Saint James for Short} (College Prep) - Londonium

Employment History

Tsukai no Inari Doctor - Retired

University of the Holy Cross (Medical) - Department of Diagnostic Medicine - Fully active on Board of Directors after 3 year Absence. Currently Active for 3 months.

Darion Taith grew up in the Middle Class. He grew up always wanting his independence and wanting to help others. He trained, learning many Medical skills and learned to become a decent Doctor/Medic. He joined the Bowncoats in his quest for freedom. He is loyal & there is a little more than meets the eye about this man.

In Character - Darion has a personality that is very much like Doctor Gregory House meets Dr. Allison Cameron from the Show "House." In fact he even dresses like House every now and then. It really is an enigma to behold. He cares about people, but he is a real jackass to them as well.

What is In Darion's Ipod? - These are songs I listen to to get me in the mood to play this character (or songs that I think explain the character via song) and they will update on a regular basis. (NOTE: This is not in any particular order):

How Darion Feels About the World: Matchbox 20 - How Far We've Come

How Darion Feels About the Alliance: Foo Fighters - Long Road to Ruin

How Darion Feels About Himself: Brad Paisely - Letter to Me, Joe Cocker - Feelin' Alight, The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want, Lifehouse - Spin, Rascal Flats - Winner at a Loosing Game

The Best Way To Describe Darion: Counting Crows - Einstein on the Beach,

How Darion Feels About the War: Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around

If Darion Gets Into a Relationship...How He Want to Think About It: Dashboard Confessional: Hands Down, Dave Mathews Band - Crush

More To Come