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Full name Danika Elise Fawkes
Date of Birth Sometime in 2515
Birthplace Beaumonde
Parents Unknown
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue, Dark Brown
Height and Weight 4'11", 105 lbs.

DanikaDance high.gif


An enticing blend of vibrant esprit and subtle mystery, this young woman carries about her an air of enigmatic allure that's as intriguing as it is natural. Standing at a shade beneath five feet in height, she is petite to the point of fragility, though the sheer presence she exudes more than makes up for any lack of height. Dark, glossy hair just this side of raven black flows well past her shoulders in a sleek cascade, often shot through with boldly colored streaks - violet, teal, crimson, white.. it varies depending on her mood. Her eyes, skillfully lined in ebony, glow like twin pools of glacial ice from beneath smoky lashes. Her features are fine, deceptively delicate, graced with a pale complexion that creates a striking contrast with her dark tresses.


Quirky. That's likely the word best-used to sum up the girl's demeanor. She can be vivacious, impish, bold and outgoing. Of course, like anyone else in the 'verse, she can have her downswings from time to time - particularly if she hasn't slept in a while. Which happens. Insomnia's a bitch. She doesn't trust easily, but that doesn't stop her from being lively and social - just means she doesn't let people too close, too quick. It may take a little effort, but underneath it all, she's got a heart as soft as unbaked chocolate chip cookie dough, and is every bit as sweet. Sort of like a wounded kitten that needs a bit of nursing back to health. Or something.